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Mousling Knight (part of 03542)

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This is the Knight from 03542: Mouslings: Bard Thief Knight sculpted by Gene Van Horne. Just a gorgeous little mouse. He has not tail - possibly a battle injury or possibly amputation is a right of passage for mousling knights. My first attempt at fur - I have a way to go but I am not displeased by this attempt. Having the green of the acorn the same green as the grass was not the best idea - as it looks like the haft of the sword is spotted with grass rather than bound in the same colours as the shield. Lovely sculpt.






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When I first found Reaper, I was like, "Who the heck wants to paint a cartoony little mouse? That thing won't inspire terror in anyone!" Then I stuck around for a while. And my wife bought me a Madam Gorgonzola at PAX. And then I put in for the 10 mouslings in the Bones II KS. And now... Now? Now I kind of want them all. There's a box of 10 adventurer mouslings on the store, and I've floated out a suggestion via Pinterest that it would make a danged decent Christmas present. I found these little fellas at a FLGS recently, and snatched them up: http://www.miniature-giant.com/mousling-zombies-and-chainsaw-hero-3-limited-edition-discont-Reaper-Special-Edition-SE-sku-1512-pr-12917.html. Somehow I have transitioned from cynicism to full-on Mousling fanboy--ism.


Of course, they're gonna be display pieces, so I'm gonna have to develop a little more skill, and maybe get some better paints before I'm willing to take them on.


Your Mousling looks great. I really like your armor, and I would never guess that you were a first-timer, looking at the fur. You might be right about the color of the acorn and the wrapping. With a figure that's 90% metal and fur, I suppose it's a good idea to capitalize on any opportunity to add some color variety.


I'm also very interested to know what you used for grass. I couldn't guess if I tried.


Edit: Gotta fix that 404

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Very nice job on the armor for the little big-guy. As for the tail, I wonder if he is on a quest to slay the great fearsome, carving knife-wielding ogre. That would be a cool diorama.

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I'd kinda lean with the "deliberate rite of passage" interpretation; a mouse with no tail is a mouse who's not getting grabbed by his enemies and pulled off balance!

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Thank you for your positive comments. Any suggestions also welcome.

Grass is The Army Painter Battlefields 'grass green' - it's a flock so just apply glue and sprinkle green on. I built up the base a bit, to include the mouse base, with coarse sand that was irregular and painted it Muddy Brown (Reaper) first.

The problem I have with the missing tail is that it must really mess up your balance if you lose it after learning how to fight. But yes, it may have been posing as a blind mouse (with two colleagues) to infiltrate a kitchen and received the war-wound in the escape.

I love the mouseling set - I have all 10 of the present (metal) set and have opted for them in the Kickstarter 2 options. This is the first one painted.

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I've gone back and played with the metal to try to make some shading. I shall have to consider non-metallic metals maybe but I'm OK with this. Also here he is without the colourful green background.


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