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Finished pic...Half Fire giant Barbarian

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Eric Belisle finished the coloring of my character! Thought I would share his amazing work! This is gonna be blown up poster size for my game room!


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C'est incroyable! My character portrait is a stick figure with a sword, shield, and beard... Sort of like this, but not nearly as nice.



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What are some of your favorite characters?


Mine is the one above of course (3.5 rules):

Tyrus Flameheart Half FireGiant Barbarian -10th-Nuetral Good

Ht: 7'4" Wt:400 lbs HAir: red Skin: dark eyes: green

STR 20

DEX 16

CON 19

WIS 11

INT 10


He has a Frostbrand greataxe +3

Dagger +1

Breastplate +2

Bracers of Armor +2

Cloak of th winter


Background: Discovered by a town near a river bed. He has amnesia to his life prior to being found. He was adopted as a partner by a halfling rogue/cavalier named Chesric Von Brookbabble. Joining more adventurers and scowering Faerun he later learned that he is a magical creation by a wizard who is trying to create an army of half giants to storm Cormyr. His mother died during his creation but his father is the evil Fire Giant general for the army (Luke I am your father...LOL!). A grumpy/swarthy demeanor. Mistrusting but a conscious makes him help those in need.

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My current character in Pathfinder is one of my favorites.


Malen Isnell

Shoanti Barbarian/Fighter (Two-Handed)

Level 11

Deity: Gorum

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ht: 6'8" Wt: 295lbs Hair: Bald Eyes: Storm Grey Skin: Tanned

Str: 23

Dex: 16

Con: 18

Int: 12

Wis: 15

Cha: 9



Falchion +2

Gloves of Dueling

Belt of Giant Strength +2

Cloak of Resistance +2

Mithral Breastplate

Ring of Protection +1


Background: Always a gentle soul until angered he'd find solace in nature and small furry animals. One day another member of his clan killed his pet rabbit, he went berserk and wild with grief. He killed the man and was made an outcast of his clan. His journeys brought him to meet a halfling sage and acclaimed author named Tileon Gregom (who is his cohort follower). He saved Tileon from a band of bandits and from then on out they have been traveling together. Malen recently mastered his rage through extensive role playing (he was a wild rager archetype up to that point) and now he can rage safely around his friends without becoming confused and attacking them.

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