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Heroquest 25th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter

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The quality of their existing figures is excellent, in all honesty though if they weren't already an existing company that's been around for quite a while and have really nice miniatures then I would also be getting a bit nervous about the lack of communication.

As it is I'm willing to give them some leeway as it's still very early days, 31 more to go yet, so hopefully things will improve on that front.

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Just some postulation over the KS, there's an image in there that shows the Box Content:




I am actually starting to wonder if this is the starting point, OR if this is the intended end goal...


x46 Resin Scenic Elements is A LOT of content, yet we've seen stretch goals that include stuff that should already be in the box like Monster Cards and the Sarcophagus - and it lists the sarcophagus just above that image.

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It is the starting point.


The 86 cards don't include the monster cards so those are new

  • 10 Artifacts
  • 30 Treasures
  • 16 Equipment
  • 6 Ignis Spells
  • 6 Aqua Spells
  • 6 Aer Spells
  • 6 Terra Spells
  • 6 Chaos Spells

The scenic elements also comes to 48, 2 more than the stated 46, before the two prisoners from the stretch goals are added.

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My guess, based on the front page and their website, is that English is not their strong point. So maybe the guy who is best at hablos ingles can only be online for a limited time.


... which of course begs the question of whether you'd really want to order an "English" game from them.


Tbh, so far, their English language communication seemed sub-par by Spanish miniatures company standards, and that's saying something. (Of course, this may be largely due to their communicating even less than Raging Heroes did, but we won't actually know that for sure until they communicate more.)


Between that, the uncertain legal side (do I really wwant to back a 25th anniversary edition that may turn out to not be the official one anywhere but Spain?), the dubious currency choice (name one good reason to pick CAD as a non-Canadian company; "it's fun to confuse people" does not count) and the mishandling of shipping (you can only calculate it if you register on their site, and it's not even clear whether you're actually supposed to include it in your pledge), this campaign is

a) a definite wait-and-see-if-they-can-cough-up-actuial-information-en-Ingles when it should've benn a get-int-NOW!

b) both amazing and alarming in terms of showcasing how willing people are to throw caution to the wind when it comes crowdfunding

frankly unacceptable "you must give us your data to calculate shipping

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