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War & Empire - The Miniatures Game of Ancient Warfare - Now live

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West Wind Productions announced that their new 15mm Ancients miniatures line and game (under their Forged in Battle brand) will be launching it's Kickstarter Friday, Nov 22nd at 3 pm GMT.




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Here's some info from West Wind:

Covering the Macedonian & Punic Wars, this is an ambitious project and we hope to put over 100 new products into development.

Plus we have the War & Empire Rulebook, siege equipment, city walls, towers and gatehouses, not to mention villages, marching camps and lots more!

The best place for news on this project is our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook to receive up to date info as it unfolds.

Initially there are six armies unlocked to choose from:-





Gallic Army/British Celts

Republican Roman, Punic Wars

If the project goes well, we plan to unlock these:- (not in this order)


Thracian, Illyrian & Getic

Early Hoplite Greek

Early Achaemenid Persian

Late Achaemenid Persian

Classical Indian

Later Hoplite Greek

Macedonian Successors & Hellenistic Armies

Later Seleucid


Republican Roman, Later (Caesar’s Gallic Wars)



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I will definitely get in on this one. Like Reaper, this company has treated me very well and I will do my best to show support for their future endeavors.


... Plus I get to learn a new mini game!

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I won't be in to this one like I was with EotD. I really have no one to play historic 15mm miniatures games with and I'm already swamped with minis, and West Wind's SoTR 2 is coming in 2014 and I've ALREADY failed my will save for that....


That said, I doubt I'll be able to resist picking up a few units, especially chariots and elephants....and siege equipment....


*rolls d20 for will save....3*

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I'm going to keep my eye on this one. I already have a good sized army for Carthage (unpainted of course). I'll have to dig around and see if I can find it and see what I need to complete it or take a look at picking up one of the other armies. Unfortunately the key to this is how many figures need to go on a base and how many bases make up a unit. I don't see that kind of information on the Kickstarter page.

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I got one of the early bird Emperor levels. I like that it basically gives you 2 starter armies since I am new to the whole 15mm historical.


I'm looking forward to more information on the rules as to how these minis will be based/used.


Any suggestions on other 15mm ancients rules?

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The last set that I used was the one from Osprey; Field of Glory. They are pretty good, but they have some problems. Some areas are overly complex, the rules need to be arranged better and a pike block can damn near turn on a dime. DBA/DBM are okay, but are to abstract for my own tastes.

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Really for this kickstarter to be effective for their own rules they should be releasing information on basing and army lists before it ends so people can make reasonable selections. For instance, Carthage typically would field a lot of Spanish troops but if you don't know that you aren't likely to include any Spanish packs in your army.

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On basing:


In war and empire we have 3 basic base sizes to mount our troops on. 40mm x 40mm base = the general. All generals either modelled on elephants, horses, chariots or on foot. War machines, elephants and chariots also use this size base. 40mm x 15mm = close order troops (all models that use line/column formation) 3-4 models per base, in war and empire 3 models to a base is optimal and ties in to the packs sold through Forged in Battle. 1 pack of 24 infantry will get you 2 size 1 units or 1 size 2 unit. 4 models to a base look great and keep in with other gaming systems. Feel free to use your existing forces with 4 on a base. In gaming terms it makes no difference how many models are on the base, we suggest a minimum of 3 models. 40mm x 30mm = loose order troopers and cavalry models, 2 models per base for units that have the skirmish ability (infantry), 3 models per base for others (Peltasts, Gaul war bands etc.). Close order (cavalry in line formation) cavalry at 3 models per base. Cavalry with the skirmish ability are also mounted 3 models to a base. How many command figures in a pack of 24 models? - There are 3 or 4 models depending on the nation, ie Roman command group would be 4 models as they can carry different standards. There are plenty of variants on the troop types as we'll. More so with the irregulars. There are no single models these are only shown for photographic purposes as the figures were painted in March before we had even started talking about rule sets.


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Some more info in unit sizes from the comments:

@comaptibility and size,see our facebook page for some comparison shots. Thats the Forged in battle Facebook page.
@spears, short spears are cast on the models (nice and robust, plus pewter is good and strong) Long spears / pikes will be separate, so you can choose your own material.
@ base sizes & unit sizes
40x15mm = infantry close order troops = 3-4 models per base
40x30mm = loose order infantry (warbands, peltasts, skirmishers etc) = 3 models to a base, skirmishers are 2 to a base.
40x30mm = all cavalry = 3 models to a base
40x40mm = all chariots, war machines, elephants, generals = all 1 to a base
all infantry on 40x15mm bases are at 3 to a base as standard for our rules set but feel free to use 4 models on a base, it makes no difference but 4 models look better. 3 models fit in with the packs you are buying
how many bases in a unit.
all infantry and cavalry come in multiples of 4 bases per unit size, so when you buy a pack of any cavalry, it will be a size 1 unit with 4 bases in it. to make your unit a size 2, just add another 4 bases and so on. unit sizes go from 1-6
elephants, chariots and war machines come as 2 bases per unit size, so 1 pack of 2 elephants for example will be a size 1 unit. 4 elephants would be a size 2 unit and so on.
bear in mind that each unit in the army lists has a maximum unit size. example, Roman Hastati come in unit sizes of between 1-4 while most skirmishers like slingers and javelins come in unit sizes of between1-2. Gaul warbands come in sizes of between 1-6

Edit: Hmmm, wasn't very exciting for my 1000th post....

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First update:


Hi guys as we near our goal I thought I would add an extra reward. You all know Alexander now he is here to lead the Macedonians to Victory! Added to all Strategos and Emperor Levels when we bust through our goal. f7fc8b63dbeda253a1c8c37e10a06364_large.j



And now I have Iron Maiden stuck in my head....

"Alexander the Great, his name struck fear into hearts of men..."


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I saw that, its a nice little add but its a bit specific. If I jump in I'm going to go with Rome and/or Carthage so Alexander doesn't do me much good. I would like to see more discussion on the army lists themselves. I would like to see what these starter armies are really go to break out as on the field.

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