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I decided I would create a WIP thread, because I've painted a whole bunch of minis since my first posts, but just haven't had the chance to post the photos I've taken along the way.

I'm not going to post those ones (unless requested), but I'm hoping to take advantage of my impending down time in a few weeks. I also hope to post more regularly with a thread to manage.


So here's the next batch of minis I'm working on.


Another werewolf: this one a grey one

Another translucent ghost: this one I just want to try a quick drybrush in ashen blue

the bones ghost

and the LTPK 4 models


I figure the werewolf will be faster a second time around, and both the ghosts will be relatively quick, leaving me time for the lining experiments.


I have another dozen or so minis on hand for when that's done.


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On to today's painting...   1) I decided to call it a day on the werewolf after doing another round of highlights. At the moment it's getting 24 hours before I do my gloss coat.He's now on display i

And now 77045-Orc Hunter.   Copper base mix with some oiled leather, antique gold, and honed steel.     Then lightened with new gold     then true silver     I guess it's overkill

I did more stuff instead of homework or job interview prep...   First... Here's all the paints I've used for the orc skin. I might do a few touch ups here and there, but I'm not using anything else

Posted Images

Yesterday I got my new Escoda Tajmyr Kolinsky's (Canadian's may want to look to Curry's for cheap Kolinsky's - a 2, 0, and 4/0 cost me 25$ on sale).

And today I got my LTPK5 - I've got all but #2 now (but I bought the exclusive paints from that set already).

Tonight I'll be doing prep with all the above minis, and getting started. Then after Tuesday, I'll really get going, because my freelance contract will be done, and all I have to worry about is 3 short tests until the end of the school year.


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Got a little sidetracked, but at least I'm ahead on work, which means I might be able to prime minis tonight!

I did manage to put some paint on the bottle tops, but also in my little grey book (supposedly for tracking what I do, but I forgot early on). Does anyone else do this?


And new paint photo day.






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I have a notepad on my desk, and sometimes I write stuff on it, but then I usually never look at it again. Right now it's got camera settings on it, which I'm less likely to remember than color choices. I kind of like "winging it" when it comes to color. Eventually I'd like to be familiar enough with my colors that I'll know exactly what color to pull without even having to think about it.


Looking forward to seeing what you turn out once you've got more free time!

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I finally had a little bit of time to do stuff.. so now I have some stuff primed.

The bones werewolf and the ghost I tried a mix of blue liner,primer, and matte medium (1:1:2) and there were definitely some adhesion issues. I think my brush was a bit too wet, because the 2nd mini was better. I really don't know if I want to bother with the mold lines at the moment.


We also got to decorating the Christmas tree. I would prefer to just hide out until January, but I can't do that (mom born on 24th, mom in law on 25th).

I've also started planning the colour pallette for my next mini.








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So... a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. The primer, blue liner, and matte medium mix did not stick. A ton rubbed off. It actually looks really cool, and in one case has basically made me change my plan to leave it mostly as is (the ghost). I'm just not sure about the werewolf.


Also, I've been accused of painting with coloured water before, but this is the first time I felt it. It was less water/mix than I normally use, but felt more watery. In the end I don't mind, because it means thinner base coats, but are there some paints that are dramatically thinner/thicker?


Pics later after work, but I'd love thoughts on the bones minis.

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I had to deal with a deadline, and I've got a final tomorrow so this will be quick photo update. Next I'll be lining the metal minis. I'm still not sure about the bones. I like the ghost...and the werewolf, but it's not what I was originally trying to do.

I'm wondering if I should re-prime the bones if I decide to do more work, seeing as most paint rubbed off, or if I should do a soap and scrub and see if there's any oils on there I didn't clean off earlier and start over.






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Yeah, that flaking issue you're having with the Bones is weird. Do you think it could be because you mixed your primer with paint and medium? An overwet brush or overthinned paint would result in beading when applying the paint, but I don't know that it would cause flakiness. If these were my minis, I'd be tempted to start over and try straight primer (or no primer) and see if something else would stick.


Skin on the metals is coming along nicely!

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Nope. No water. It was a mix of primer, blue liner, and matte medium. And I had used both the primer and the matte medium successfully on their own in the past. Never used the liners before. I don't really think that's it. The brush was damp because I had just cleaned it, but I did wipe it off first.
i think I am going to just to re-prime, I'm just not sure if I should re-scrub them first.

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Early morning scrub means the Bones will dry with the heat. They are already mounted back on their stands... ready for priming later today after a bit of studying. I'm going to try something different with the base coat this time - try to set up some blending on the werewolf: grey to white-ish on the arms to the hands, and from the back to the belly. It might look ridiculous, but at least I'll be able to change stuff later. That might not happen until tomorrow though.


I'll also give a shot at some eyes, maybe another skin-tone, and some lining.

Hopefully photos soon.


Another question: For complementary colour shading, do you mix it with a shade of the base colour (for brownish colours) or use it straight? I was thinking of using that burgundy as a shadow for the olive. I looked at some charts and it seems close enough to work. Thoughts? (Still trying to pick out browns for that mini - but hair (walnut black) and skin are chosen (olive caucasian)).

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I did manage to put some paint on the bottle tops, but also in my little grey book (supposedly for tracking what I do, but I forgot early on). Does anyone else do this?


I did this for a while. I tracked not only individual paints, but also mixes of them where I recorded the proportions. I had this crazy idea of using this to characterize the paints well enough to predict how they would mix together, but I stopped doing this after a while before I got enough samples. The main issue I ran into is controlling the camera and lighting enough to get really accurate measurements of the colour.

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Another question: For complementary colour shading, do you mix it with a shade of the base colour (for brownish colours) or use it straight? I was thinking of using that burgundy as a shadow for the olive. I looked at some charts and it seems close enough to work. Thoughts? (Still trying to pick out browns for that mini - but hair (walnut black) and skin are chosen (olive caucasian)).


Want you to know that I saw the question and am pointing it out for some others who understand Color Theory much better than me, but here's a link that might help you understand it and give you some ideas.

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