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Citizens of Calamity - Part of the Painting Binge


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I wanted to get everything on a consistent base so I found some lower profile 25mm rounds that are actually lipped and use those for all my western miniatures. The bases sort of have a rough ground sculpted in them but its pretty low relief, for interior bases I use green stuff and sculpt in some pretty rough floorboards. For the exterior versions I have a mix of very fine ballast with some larger rock. You can see those my other Calamity thread. These are all game miniatures for conventions in fact so I don't spend as much time on them as others.

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My own personal painting binge is continuing. I finished up three pieces over that last few days including this one last night:




Here a group shot of these three finished minis



There are more pictures on my blog at: http://www.wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2013/12/citizens-of-calamity-three-more-finished.html

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