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60087 master spy (Pathfinder): sculpt & paint D. Schubert


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Thanks for the quick replies, everyone!


@Dibbler: Right! The manor is designed for gnomes and halflings. :;):


@Loim: Right! And they should have hired better dwarven engineers to ensure long-term stability of the foundations. :;):


@Corporea, @Pingo, @Kuro Cleanbrush: The pattern didn't take long and it wasn't very careful. The concept art shows a leafy pattern, but I abstracted it. I painted the dress all in Swamp Green (because what says "haute couture" better than Swamp Green? ::P:) and shaded with Brown Liner. Then I just scribbled Highlands Moss (cool gray-green) in a lot of small arcing strokes and dots. I touched up these scribbles, thickening or connecting some of them, to make a better visual balance between the marks and the background. Then I highlighted some of the marks with Olive Green (more yellow than the Highlands Moss), and some again with Pale Olive -- more highlights at the center (midline of the figure), fewer at the sides, to simulate a sheen in the fabric. It's similar to what I did when I painted Lem the bard and the dark elf sorcerer:




@Clint: Right, not just HD Witchcraft Purple, but that was the midtone. I added more and more Nightshade Purple and Brown Liner to get the darker shadows and lines, and added more and more Rosy Skin and Creamy Ivory for the highlighted areas.



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