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Derek Schubert's (dks's) Pathfinder Society characters 1: Thaalo


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Thanks for the compliments!


The 6 hours of priming and painting: 90 minutes of brush-on priming in black and white (I forgot to photograph him at this stage, but see my WIP of Xanesha for what this entails), 30 minutes on the face and hands, another 60 minutes of work with Brown Liner and Driftwood Brown so it became a brown monochrome, and 3 hours of miscellaneous glazing and touch-ups (the blues/indigo/teal, making the hair a yellower blond instead of cold and ashy, scales on the face, brighter highlights, etc.). Speed comes with practice. I usually get the color, consistency, and placement of my paint right the first time. Even if not, I'm OK with being a little careless at first and then touching up, rather than trying to be perfect at every step. But this is after 25 years of painting. I think I was much more careful (and slower) 10 or 15 years ago.


@CashWiley: Yes, mash putty only into miniatures' eyes! "Ocular assault with a polymeric compound" only sounds impressive, but it's really nasty.


@LittleBluberry: Yes, I have at least 2 other figures to paint for my characters. I'll post them here when they're ready.



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