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Silvervane's WIP

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This hobby we are all always learning. Part of what makes it so much fun is pushing ourselves and getting better and better with every piece we put out.


I couldn't agree more.  This forum with the help of the poster has definitely given me the push to stay with it to try the new idea.


Have you tried using orange to highlight the red? I think it would make it pop a bit more.

I did actually, It might be the angle of the photo or I just might have apply another thinned layer or 2 to bring it out more.  Though now that I look at it I might do both with the next shot, thanks.  I always tend to be timid with my highlighting.

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Here is a shot from a slightly higher angle. 




Yes my camera skill need improvement,  been trying out manual focus on a my point and shoot.  Its on a tripod which has helped the movement blur.  Now I just need to find a way to make the details crisper.

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Finally got Robyn's protective coating on and her dragon companion on her base.  Eye is still wonkey, I decided to move on. Here is a photo of them.



Now it is time to add the greenery.  Touched up the highlights on the red of my power suit and I agree Mr. Melons it definitely helped, photo's to come later.


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