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Oh Snap! Man of Steel / Sucker Punch Director gets a hold of Wonder Woman


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I have very strong opinions on Wonder Woman, probably since I am a pale dark haired female with blue eyes who loved her growing up and wanted to be her :D Though if I was WW they would need a much bigger costume and reason why she got fat lol.

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They might as well have just posed her on her knees, hands on her head, chest thrust out, in the classic 40s pin-up pose. The expression is soooooooo vapid. :mellow: She doesn't look like she'd know what to do with that sword, much less be capable of beheading Medusa.


Of course, I figured this would be the case when this actress was picked for Wonder Woman. She's not an amazon. She's eye candy. No offense to her or anything, I'm sure she's quite intelligent, but in the entertainment scheme of things, she's pretty much eye candy -_-

In her defense, she is literally a soldier, having served two years in the Israeli Defense Force. She also apparently did all her own stunts in Fast & Furious, plays a bunch of sports, and drives a motorcycle. I don't really think she has the Amazon physique, but I also don't think it's fair to say she's just eye candy. She's very pretty, of course, but she probably has a better idea of what to do with a sword than 95% of actors in Hollywood.


See my comment below. Her physique is better suited to that sort of character.

She could probably pull off a Cat Woman, lithe and agile. But they should have picked a woman with muscles to be Wonder Woman :unsure:



And yeah, someone like Gina Carano would have been perfect for Wonder Woman. Powerfully built, but still beautiful. Like Bathory I've got strong opinions on Wonder Woman  :ik_oops:

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Terrible promo photo. Batman looks bored, Superman looks dyspeptic, and WW looks like Catwoman (body language, mostly).


It's pretty obviously composited, by the way, which means that each of those poses was chosen intentionally. This wasn't the best group photo they could manage; they obviously thought that each of those was the best version of that character that they could manage.



And yeah, of course, I'm not sure what the point of exposing that much of WW's thighs is, aside from the obvious fanservice for the straight men that I guess they think are their entire audience.


Hey, hey, hey! There's gay women, too.




It's the female version of the ripped (or torn off) shirt shot used for male action heroes. They're a genre indicator, IMO.

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I am reminded again of the marvelous Hedy Lamarr, who was super smart and held patents on vital radio encryption technology during WWII but said of her day job, "Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid."

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