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    • By PaulMuller
      Greetings, Children of the Reaper...

      - I always think it's cheeky when entities pop up on manufacturers forums for a leg up; I do hope you will give me a pass, as I have contributed to the great Reaper Edifice (in a minuscule way) with a few sculpts in the past (Reaper Ron was kind enough to relieve me of a few Dregs.. Ghoul/Zombie sorts).

      I'm just tinkering with a little range of my own , perhaps more whimsical fantasy figures..
      Got a batch of greens finished (two gang/factions.. enough for an initial mould).. and am immersing myself in a bit of hitherto unexplored social media  (only got on FBook this year!).

       Have just set up a FaceBook 'Artist' page (please do take a look if you like, no obligation, am not flogging anything just now):

      And attached a couple of pics for you to examine...
      All the Beast/ Hope you US Denizens had a great Thanksgiving , Paul M

    • By Kev!
       Deadlands Noir...

      More Noir por favor,
    • By Pingo
      I spotted this set and got it originally for the woman in the slinky circa. 1930 gown, not yet realizing that it had two other great figures as well.
      RAFM sells three-packs of adventurers for "Call of Cthulhu" showing a progression: first the person in his or her civilian life, then out on the hunt for otherworldly horrors, then gone mad with the horror. They are kind of mixed in quality, but have a certain charm.
      I did not paint these as a progression of one character, but as three separate women: A society dame, a sporty modern young woman from the Indian Raj, and a madwoman out on the moors -- or tidal flats of New England, anyway.

      There are lots of fun details with these three.
      I tried to paint the madwoman's slip as transparent. It's eau-de-nil, an extremely fashionable color in the 1920s. Her feet and arms are supposed to look a little grubby.
      I added gloves to the society lady since no lady would be out barehanded at the time (her furs really should be a wrap around the back, not be two separate pieces; I think the artist did not have a visual reference for her back).
      And the sportswoman's boot is resting on a block carved with the most wonderful tentacled thing, although I did not paint it as clearly as I would like.

      The bases of the society woman and the madwoman were a little small for stability, so I glued them to pennies. I didn't do anything fancy with the society woman's base, but I added painted foliage and rocks to the madwoman's.
      The madwoman's base can be seen from above in this post: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49565-i-hate-to-base-so-i-painted-them-instead/
    • By SGHawkins09
      This is a commission job for a friend to use as his Sorcerer in a D&D game. He gave me these directions: "I want the colors to be bronze (he has bronze dragon lineage). Flaming ginger hair. Highlight colors can be gold and purple or red." He wanted the coat to be bronze and metallic so this became my first attempt at painting metallic cloth.
      Work in Progress

    • By SGHawkins09
      This is going to be a well traveled miniature as I brought it to paint while on vacation. It is a commission job for a friend to use as his PC in a D&D game. He had bought the miniature already and gave me these directions: "I want the colors to be bronze (he has bronze dragon lineage). Flaming ginger hair. Highlight colors can be gold and purple or red." With this in mind I did a few mock ups to test different combinations and this was the one liked best:

      So, yeah this will be interesting. He wants the coat to be metallic bronze and I have not attempted to do metallic cloth yet. I was leaning towards a purple coat and bronze vest but it is his mini so he's the boss.
      I have started to work on him and he did required some clean up as he had a nice big mold line under his arm. I've base coated his hair, a layer of black on the pants, and a layer of skin. I also used a little P3 Flesh Wash and was very pleased with it

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