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More New Minis in the "Preview" section


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There's also Noir Stone in the set, which doesn't appear to have come up on the site yet. Maybe I'll paint him this weekend and post some pictures.


Ridolfi and Guthrie also did some Deadlands: Hell on Earth minis. However, while Reaper did the casting, they're being sold through Studio 2, not Reaper.

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I vote for your heart to continue beating.

Pffttt, okaaaaay. But only because I think as a zombie minion of the undead will cause my brush control to suffer.

Not necessarily.






Ah Tom Smith. What a sick man.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words about my paint work on the Deadlands Noir figures! I can't take any credit for the idea, as I was painting to match artwork from the game. The monochrome painting was an interesting challenge, I recommend it as a painting exercise. These are fun sculpts to paint, Bob really captured the nice tailoring of the clothes of the era and each figure has a distinct character.

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