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Judge Dredd Servo Droid 2 - Mongoose Publishing


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The recent (and long awaited) arrival of my Judge Dredd rulebook has got me on another Mega-City One painting kick!

Finished up a couple of renegade robots today, here's the servo droid.




I couldn't resist adding some gore to the chainsaw after reading a nice and simple tutorial recently. I decided not to go for a full-on splatterfest, though, it would have been quite easy to go overboard.

I really like this model for reasons I'm not entirely sure about. I think it's the strange combination of the droid's non-threatening design and the huge chainsaw it has for a hand.

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Once again, awesome work on the metal! Also, I like the "plastic" look of the gray/white parts; I've tried painting plastic before, but I could never get it quite right. I suspect it has a lot to do with the finish, to achieve a "plastic" look.


I wish I could say that I deliberately made it look like plastic, but I was just trying not to screw up painting white! I guess it's just the bright, flat colours that make it look plasticy. Plasticish? Plastical? I'm not sure what the adjective for plastic is, maybe it's just plastic.

Anyway, I appreciate the comments.

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