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All I managed to do during the Thanksgiving weekend was a roundup of primed figures. It is a bit of a mixed bag: all totaled I found six Reaper figures and a motley assortment of others. A lot of them are GW but I am none too sure about the big brown mud [?] elemental.


Not pictured above are one additional plastic archer and a female, metal, swashbuckling figure from Reaper (and that is Bloodmane the Gnoll hiding behind the Mud Man or whatever he is).


If anybody knows either:


a) what, who or who made the Mud Man?

b) whether the Coven Witch (next to the dwarf) has a name?


...please post, I would love to know



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The "Mud Man" looks an awful lot like the Reaper Earth Elemental here


That is him --- thanks. (I tried searching 'mud elemental' and came up dry...)



Nice variety, should be fun to paint. Are those skinks in the front? AFAIK the 3 witches never had individual names.


Yes, I believe they are Skink priests[?] (level 1 wizards) from the GW Lizardmen forces anyway.

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Is that eagle one of those guys you buy at a toy store? A Schleich or knockoff? I have one that looks just like it.


He is a toy. I don't know who made him. I like the look of him way better than the official eagles GW makes for their High Elf army. Or made[?] because for all I know, those have gone extinct, like Skinks armed with bows.


I did not buy him to use with High Elves but I did buy him to use with Warhammer Fantasy. There was a special scenario where the opposing sides were trying to steal Phoenix eggs. The toy was bought to represent the Phoenix, but I only got as far as priming her.



I googled "schleich toy eagle" and I do not think it is theirs, the legs are different. A little more google-fu turned up a shopping site with this picture:


bald-eagle-spread-wings~13639968.jpg I think this is him [?] or her.

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