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I recently tried something new for me in the mini-photographing arena. It used to be that I'd take a pic of the mini and if it looked crappy on the camera screen I'd delete it and try again with some different settings. Once I'd gotten something that looked OK on the camera, I'd take all the different angles and then take down my photo setup. Often, I'd get to the PC later to look at the pics and realize that they were CRAP.


It finally occurred to me to try taking notes while snapping pics. I'd set things up, take a pic of the mini and write down the settings on the camera. "Pic #1: speed, f-stop, exposure" If the pic looked like crap, I would leave it on the camera so that I'd know what results went with which settings. I'd monkey around with the settings trying to improve the pic. But I'd only change one setting between pics so that I'd know what effect it had. And after a getting a bunch of different pics, I'd leave the setup in place and download the pics for immediate inspection. each pic was saved with the settings as the file name. That way, I could go back to the setup right away and use the best settings for any more pics I needed to take.


It's helped a lot and I will try to re-shoot a lot of my old stuff this way. Just have to get off my butt and do it.

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