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Desolation of Smaug *spoilers*


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Okay, i didn't read back all the pages XD; i'll have to do that sometime because i love reading other peoples' opinions [Edit to say i read them all! So many of same opinion to me >w<] ...but I FINALLY went to go see the Hobbit 2 [i'm way late to the party]


And it was okay, but a was a bit disappointed over the story line. I have no issues with the addition of material from the notes Tolkien had made that help expand where Gandalf was, like the Necromancer, but a lot of what went on I felt was forced and only there to make the movie longer lol. Like the overly done barrel ride [which wasn't too bad though I really thought it was silly they could grab slippery weapons falling past them without dropping a single one] and the whole chase through the mountain to the forges for no reason...and wounding the dwarf so that half their number are stuck in laketown. Makes me wonder what will happen in the third movie when Laketown marches on the dwarf mountain...what will the ones who are in Laketown do?

Over all it was a neat movie, loved Smaug's design [he makes a lovely wyvern], but there were some changes to the plot I thought could have been done without [and shorted the movie in the progress! =P ]

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I also agree that seeing the Cleansing of the Shire would have been awesomesauce, but I also understand and agree with the decision to leave it out. It's kind of it's own little thing, and would have seemed not only anticlimatic, but would have dragged the ending out even longer. Having it end with the farewell at the Gray Havens and Sam going back to his family was the best way to wrap things up, I think.


Random: Awhile back, Husband and I were having a deep discussion about D&D/Pathfinder goblins, and something he said (I don't remember what) made me decide to go look something up about them in the Hobbit. And the more I read, the more intrigued I was, since there was a lot of characteristics of Tolkien's goblins that seemed suspiciously similar to those of the D&D goblins. So, I reread the Hobbit, and came the the conclusion that the creators of D&D were huge Tolkien fans. Which I already knew, but it was truly startling to see just how much was drawn from The Hobbit. :)



--OneBoot :D

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