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03372: Torasin Karpheus, Dervish Warrior


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Another outcome from a weekend of painting. This mini is special to me, as it was sculpted for my friend, who won a contest; I hadn't had the chance to paint my copy of it until this weekend; but I had fun with this one.


Freehanded the gold on the banner





Critiques and Comments welcome. :)

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It is a nice solid work.

If you think you are ready, you can try some other techniques like dry-brush, highlights, washes, and so on. The BONES line is great (cheap, and great quality) for it.

I am scare every time I start a new paint job, and more afraid when the base paint is good and I have to try to do the techniques above. But the results will pay off! At least some will, and the other ones that won´t turn in so good, at least will gave you the experiences to do the next ones.


So, to Infinity and Beyond!

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I used a Nikon D3100 with the 18-50mm lens; zoomed in fairly tight, shot from a close distance (about 3 inches), and then cropped down a bit; due to the closeness of the camera, depth of focus ends up being a very narrow plane, which leads to the blurring of the banner.

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