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Reaper Rejects: A Modest Proposal

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I've been doing business with Reaper for a long time, and I very much respect the fact that they're BIG on quality control. There are apparently a great many things that can go wrong with casting, and if a miniature is not up to snuff, it goes back in the melt.

And if they make a mistake and it gets into a blister, they're VERY good about working with you to replace the defective miniature, as in NOW. Very good customer service.

I think that needs to change.

Y'see, a while back, I took the Casting Room tour, at Reapercon. Learned a lot about how the miniatures are made!



ReaperBryan cast up a whole batch of "belly dancer with sword" minis, just to show us how it was done! However... that particular batch of minis didn't come out quite right. The lower faces of the belly dancers were featureless. He apologized for the mistake, and spoke about quality control, and how normally, this batch would go right back in the melt, and they'd try again. I proposed that this was not necessarily a bad thing; what we had here was a batch of LIMITED EDITION VEILED BELLY DANCERS, and how, once blistered and ready to ship, they'd be worth far more to collectors than the regular model, due to their very limited quantity!

He laughed. He thought I was kidding. Poor guy really takes his quality control seriously.

Far be it from me to tell Reaper how to do their business, of course. However, I still have a Limited Edition Veiled Belly Dancer, available for auction, starting at $199 unpainted; only a dozen or so are extant. Anyone interested? PM me. But I digress...

Last year, Reaper held its first big Kickstarter, which I understand was very successful, although it was not without its headaches; there are threads around here somewhere full of details about this event. Me? I got a Vampire box, and was quite pleased with my deal. Reaper'd made me a happy customer and fanboy, again.

Until I heard about Ellen Stone. Ellen Stone, Cowgirl, #50003, one of Bob Ridolfi's fine works.


Now I had this particular miniature already; like it just fine. I got another as part of the Kickstarter. But when I went to Reapercon the following year, Bryan happened to mention that the Ellen Stone Bone had been defective! As a result, this miniature would not be made available in blisters through stores! The ONLY way to get this particular miniature is to have been part of the first Kickstarter!

Upon arriving home, I looked at the Ellen Stone Bone. Sure enough, she had no nose. Gave her kind of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with boobs sort of look. Oh, well. Mistakes happen. Not like it did any real harm, considering the great deal of OTHER minis the box had held.

...but then I thought about it. Limited quantities. Will never be manufactured again! Could it be that these noseless Ellen Stones could be turned to some kind of value? I looked more closely. And then I broke out the brushes.

Submitted for your approval: The LIMITED EDITION ELLIE N. STONE, E.T. COWGIRL!

Bidding will begin at $1999. Please note the limited quantity, and that this model will NEVER RETURN TO PRODUCTION!

It's not a bug, it's a FEATURE! It's not a factory reject, it's a LIMITED EDITION! Let the money-- er, the BIDDING begin... :devil::bday:

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I like the idea actually. Juliette was a miscast on her left side of her face for me and I took the opportunity to actually embrace the imperfection and slapped some black paint on that side of her face to create a "phantom mask" which I just incorporated into my Pathfinder game as a piece of gear. The other thing is that minis are like people and characters, they aren't perfect and I don't mind having some small miscasts to use as part of a story or character development.

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It's not broken, it's a conversion.


I like the alien face, I'm sure it fits right in to somebody's sci-fi rpg. And I hope you get your opening bid. :)

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Hehehe, good idea.
Just bear in mind that this limited edition is "limited" in 18.000+ copies of her.


(if you want, I can sell my own to you by US$ 999.99 and you still make 100% profit of her :wow: .)

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If not for the fact that there's probably a whole batch of difficulties with the idea, I would totally crusade to have Alien Ellen Stone get a proper SKU number. While not as intended, it accidentally produced a pretty awesome figure in its own right.


Cowboys and Aliens? Amateur!


Cowboys are Aliens? Now you're playing with Reaper!


Seriously, I think she's even cooler as a miscast.

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I'm all for Cowgirl ALIEN Stone. :D Perfect for games of Slipstream (pulp sci-fi) if I just convert that pistol into a raygun with a little ring/disc around it or some-such. She could be a sidekick (or adversary) for 50068 John Bishop, Space Marshal.



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I'm all for Cowgirl ALIEN Stone. :D Perfect for games of Slipstream (pulp sci-fi) if I just convert that pistol into a raygun with a little ring/disc around it or some-such. She could be a sidekick (or adversary) for 50068 John Bishop, Space Marshal.



...I never thought of that! That's a great idea!

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      This model is from The Legend of Drizzt Board Game by Wizards of the Coast.  I have not read a single Drizzt Do'Urden book, but I believe the black panther, Guenhwyvar, is the ranger's companion animal.  Anyways, that was influence enough to paint her up in that style.  I believe I used mostly Black Jaguars as inspiration, though the markings became less important than getting the highlight colors right.  I ended up using Reaper's Dark Elf Skin colors to highlight the black, which is amusing considering Drizzt's race.  I added some mottled spotting afterwards, trying to imply the pattern more than paint each individual spot.  I think I managed to imply muscle, fur, and spots without losing the dark shade of black I wanted.  Pretty happy, especially since this sculpt was my least favorite of the bunch.
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      What animals do you use most often in your games?
      Do you have a favorite animal you like to see painted in miniatures?
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      Painted them up to match.  They'll work great as bandits, thugs, mercenaries, or militia men.  Very versatile figures.  They were also a great opportunity for me to practice my face-work.
      Brigands (3) 77707

      I'm assuming the upcoming bones "Brigands" are in fact these three.  Lovely little models.  I'm a big fan of the slightly chunkier bones models that have been coming out lately.  They tend to have larger surface areas and better-defined edges.  They also tend to have less clutter.  This makes for an easier, cleaner paint job in my opinion.
      More Photos below the Spoiler:
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      These four are from the Bones 3 Stoneskull Expansion.  I've had them sitting around for awhile, but decided to paint them up with the Brigands.  They have similar enough designs to fit together.  In general, I like their design less, but once I painted them up that didn't matter.  Perfectly serviceable mooks!
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      I have done about 15 minis over the past year (starting with the Learn to Paint kit), after taking a 30+ year break from painting lead with Testors enamel. Each one I try to learn or improve one technique. This one I focused on pose & basing (took a little surgery to get rid of the pudding base and shape all the claws). The 'rock' is a chunk of bark. Any comments, critiques, questions or suggestions are welcome. Between this forum and YouTube, I am amazed on the knowledge and information available, in an overall great community. Getting ready for Bones V delivery!

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