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Grim's Second Wave part 2 - Orcses!


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I did have more of my second wave to post - I would have gotten these up at the time but I didn't have a digital camera that was worth a damn. First, I have a neat comparison. The first of these minis is an Orc Swordsman done with full shading, highlighting, etc. The second is essentially a basecoat, picking out a few extra highlights, and an "Agrax Earthshade" wash:







Interesting, no? Compare to the same model that I painted (and posted) earlier - this one was done with a basic wash/drybrushing technique:




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Agreed. I figured with Orcs it would be fun to play around with different techniques. The trouble with these guys is there are a lot of items around their belt, which is the real time suck with me.


I'm going to do the same with the Orc Beserker (one of Tre Manor's orcs.) It's a mini with a lot less fiddly details.

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i like them all but i think the first one posted doesn't have much depth (shadow) to the skin. neat to see different techniques applied by the same person to the same miniature. thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I tried, but it could definitely stand to be darkened in the recesses. Still learning! I'll add the orc beserkers to this thread when I do them, since I'm planning on displaying them at a panel in January, my current plan is one shaded, one basecoated and washed, one just basecoated (I'll wash him after,) and if I get one more, I'll do a wash/drybrush on him. I have three at the moment.


OTOH, I'll most another orc, the "Orc Marauder" now. This one I did a full attempt at shading - I did in fact do it after all of the above orcs. I don't think I like my lightest shade - it sticks out too much and doesn't read quite right, but otherwise I do think this guy came out pretty well:



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