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Basidirond (sculpt)

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I don't know how it's meant to look, but that is weird as all heck in a visually interesting way. The weird and surreal are often missing from the miniatures end of the fantasy art world.


I approve of this perambulatory fungus! The smoke plume is halfway between suggesting smoke and suggesting contagion, which is perfect for a spore cloud IMO. It really adds to the motion in the piece, together with the awkwardly raised legs, it gives it a sense of blind forward motion.

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hehe, yeah, it really is bizarre; i had to google it up after getting the commission. it was because it is so odd that it posed a challenge to me, it had to look crazy, but somehow natural and visually interesting. hard to do with a cup fungus with legs. as a whole, though, i agree that really unusual creatures are underrepresented, especially fungi. at first i wasn't exactly enthralled with the creature but as i played with designs i found myself thinking up scenarios and encounters i could use it in and looking forward to painting it. the rules for it are pretty interesting and it would be a cool monster to drop on a party for that "what the heck?!" effect.


i'm pleased you picked up on what i was trying to convey. :blush:

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Nicely done. I love the awkward pose of the spore cup and legs. I think it really conveys an alien feel to it that makes it feel more disturbing.


The smoke effect is interesting. It is really hard to represent the "wispiness" of smoke plumes in solid material. If it is done in clear resin, I think it will look fine.

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This looks great, I like that you managed to blend all the weird different textures in a seamless way. I'd never heard of a basidirond before, but it's a very creepy and cool monster. I like the idea of having a removable plume, and you did a good job of capturing the billowy round parts as well as the thin wispy parts, that can't have been easy. I hope it works out to cast it in clear resin, though I think it would look good opaque too.

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    • By Cyradis
      I've had these little buggers in my collection for a long time now, and I had an occasion to paint them up. 
      However, when I actually looked at them closely, I discovered that these were both the worst incidents of mold slippage I've ever seen, and also hideous sculpts. They're cute, but hot-broccoli these are not Reaper's best. They're asymmetric: ridges of scales existing on one side that aren't on the other, the eyes are completely different on either side of the head, the back ridge is either a victim of mold slippage or badly planned (I think both). Different regions are often poorly defined. The mold slippage ran all the way down the center of Cheeto, at least a full millimeter slip - seen mostly on his tail, back ridge, and the base. His face was less effected, thank goodness. I think the tail may have had more than a millimeter. I attempted to file some, gloss-resin-blob other parts, and hide it with paint or grass tufts. Mountain Dew was bad, but not as bad. Except for Mountain Dew's wings, these are one piece - reaching the bellies and insides of their legs with a brush is miserable. They needed to be a single piece. 
      And.... then I took a challenge. I decided to use a limited palette on these guys. I am unofficially dubbing this style "mostly monochrome". It isn't just X-Color + White (or Black & White), but a spectrum of paint within a hue, and potentially a little bit of flair (see the eyes). I did blue well.... so I went with other colors on these guys. Some parts veer a bit reddish, or blueish.... but that's okay. I'll refine the style on another figure. But geebus did I miss using purple and blue to shade!!! 
      Cheeto is orange. I gave him mostly green eyes to match Mountain Dew, and then tried to keep him orange. Limited palette listed... 
      Eyes: Linen White, Peacock Green, Marigold Yellow, Coal Black, Pure White, Vallejo Game Color Green Ink. 
      Dragon: Pure White, Linen White, Marigold Yellow, Sunrise Orange (Base), Orange Brown, Rust Brown, Blackened Brown. 
      Base: Pale Olive, Muddy Olive. 
      Oranges have hideous coverage. Even the HD Sunrise Orange. ACK! That was.... painful. 
      Okay, Mountain Dew, the green sibling. Some of the greens have poor coverage, but not all. 
      Eyes: Linen White, Marigold Yellow, Dragon White, Viper Green, Peacock Green, Coal Black, S75 Tiamat Orange. 
      Dragon: Dragon White, Linen White, Maggot White, Cat's Eye Green, Viper Green, Brilliant Green, Peacock Green, Coal Black.
      Mouth (hard to make look good in greens, I thought): Gothic Crimson, The Army Painter Mutant Hue. 
      Base: The Army Painter Army Green, Reaper Shadow Green, Linen White, S75 Intense Wood. 
      Alright, so the results of my Mostly Monochrome experiments on bad sculpts/bad molds..... 

    • By vulture
      It occurred to me that I have many older completed miniatures in my collection that the good forumites of this board may not be familiar with, but bear special relevance to my time as an artist or to Reaper miniatures.
      This kobold Hero sculpt was clearly inspired by the Seins kobolds at Reaper, and he serves as a hero for my large kobold warband. It was the first humanoid sculpt I ever completed, circa 2009. It was painted in 2011. Necromancy .

      My Painting & sculpting vacation starts today! Yay!
    • By odinsgrandson
      A client of mine wanted the monster bases from his Kingdom Death set to more closely match the awesome setting in the plane of faces.  He also requested places that he could make into lava or little streams of blood (especially blood flowing out of a mouth that the Butcher is standing on).
      Here are the greens for these bases.  He'll be painting all of these himself, so my work here is done.






    • By vulture
      yet another sculpt for the Tome of Horrors Complete. this one was done in a very short time frame (for me), but i really enjoy how it came out. i was going for a blend of the art from the original fiend folio (laugh if you will, but that book is a favorite in my collection) and the ToHC art. the two complemented each other very well. the end result is UBER OLD SCHOOL.
      now, i have to warn you: the pictures are a bit dodgy. the lean and combination of glossy and matte materials made him tough to photograph. i have found that greens in general are tough  because they lack contrast. ah, well, live and learn.
      Edit: 30mm base

      and a bonus pic & 1982 fiend folio art:

      what does the babbler say? "blablopredububrubaprawrrawrrawrr"
      P.S. let me know if you guys are getting sick of seeing all of my greens. I haven't had time to paint lately so it is what I have to share.
    • By vulture
      Hi all,
      my adventures in sculpting continue! I am really pleased to present these two sculpts to you. I have been a big fan of Antimatter games' ShadowSea setting for many years so I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to sculpt a few pieces for the sunless kingdom faction (my favorites!). These models posed a significantly different challenge from anything I had done before - lots of equipment and  highly detailed, true to the style of the line, and working from very specific concept art. All the detail work was very time consuming, but also rewarding. those little bits add loads of character and each allows me to practice new skills - how crisp can I make that angle? how smooth the transition? how to style the texture? each little bit a project of its own.
      Here is the first completed: Trog Witch Doctor, Jujazca
      I really like the ShadowSea trogs, probably the most original interpretation of a lizardfolk type humanoid I have seen. there are several warrior troops available and this was to be the first character. I did my best to blend the wonderful concept art with the existing models so that they would be a nice coherent group. lots of details and doodads made this model a challenge but also a fantastic learning experience. My personal favorite bit is the iron cross belt buckle, almost too small to see in these pics.

      concept art: https://scontent-b-sea.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/t1/1779690_668188083228190_1905188012_n.jpg
      and the second, just off  the work bench / kitchen table: Clal-Chk Scavenger, Slithack
      Love these guys! they are the insect-men that I always wished I had, and now I've sculpted one. These critters are enigmatic, wielding alien technology for unknown purposes. This is a model that when I had finished it, I found myself thinking how I wanted to paint it. for me, personally, that is my ultimate goal. I pushed my new found detailing skills as far as I could. Three things stand out to me as particular successes: the face (it turned out exactly as i had hoped), the lock-picks on the strap (pics not shown, very fussy details) and the draped fabric (my first attempt at folds). the crisp geometry of the pack was a pleasant surprise as well.

      Concept art: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/t1/1794642_668188073228191_524415439_n.jpg
      There are four more angles on the AMG facebook page
      Thanks for looking guys and gals, I would really appreciate any feedback you might have that might help me become a better sculptor. I really do hope you like them, though.
      On a personal note: I want to extend my deepest thanks to Eric Louchard (proprietor of AMG) for taking a gamble on me for these complex minis  (something I had never done). I have been unemployed for 10 months now after moving halfway across the country and the chance to make art to fight off the cabin fever and - feel useful - has been invaluable.
      Second, my appreciation to reaper for allowing me to share my art here, to my friends on the web, even though it is intended for another company. class act, Reaper, class act.
      on to the next!
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