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GCB's Painted Miniatures

Grumpy Cave Bear

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Wow. That's some army painting. What are you using them as? I've painted a few IMEF figures to date, but there's no way I could do this many of them. Kudos.


I painted them as a commission, my first in over 15 years. What game the owner is using them for, I don't know. I lean more towards fantasy figures, personally, though I have a Dust Tactics set I want to paint up someday.

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Thanks for your comments.


Sadly, I realized too late the colors in the pictures above were really washed out, and of course I can't take more pictures now, as they've been sent out. I may try to adjust them later, but don't hold out much hope of improving on them.


I did manage to find a group WIP photo that is much closer to the actual colors, for comparison:




And my single personal favorite mini is this one:




Eyes of a killer, and all that.

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I finished Kaladrax the night before last, and spent last night and part of today setting up a temp photo studio large enough to photograph him.  A big thank you to my wife for allowing me to borrow her navy velvet as a backdrop.


I spent quite some time learning how use my camera while taking these.  I'm looking for constructive criticism on photo quality, composition and the like. 


(The construction thread for Kaladrax can be found at: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/52979-gcb-paints-kaladrax/)


So, without further ado...











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I like the aged color of the bones and the colors for the base. The skulls on the base look too clean to me though. Over all I like what you have done here.


Oh yeah.  Just to give a little color perspective, the skulls were painted using the Ivory Bone color triad, which is what most people would use to paint aged bone, then given a light brown ink wash.  I think the photo settings washed the color out of them a little. 

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The army is astonishing!

How do you keep your mind doing that repeat painting on that many miniatures?

They look so uniform its fantastic.

Kaladrax is wonderful.

So controlled, and so well done !

Congrats !!!!

Thanks for the compliments. Having done only the one army, I can't speak to a general mental strategy, but I found it easier to paint a bunch at a time with the same color choices, rather than a bunch of one-offs. I sat down with 4 or 8 at once and painted one color/detail on the batch, then the next color/detail, assembly line fashion. If I ever paint a "rabble" of varied figures, I'll choose a limited palette of colors so I save time and they still look like a cohesive group.


Also, background music and podcasts helped a lot in keeping me from getting bored.

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A quick comment on the photography:

If you up the aperture - to 16+ - on your camera (if you're using a SLR camera where it's adjustable) you can get everything in focus (there are areas on some of the pictures which are out of focus).

Also, reflected light will usually give a less "harsh" light - which might be why some of the colours are a little washed out as you say.


I wrote a post in another thread linking to a photo set-up tutorial, which you might find useful:


As I also wrote in the other post, feel free to ask any questions regarding translation issues (the pictures in the linked tutorial are in Danish, but the description should explain everything).

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