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New Tyranid codex lurking on horizon


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I'm curious if they will continue the trend of introducing new units and characters and waiting several years to produce those models. If ever.

Probably not. With the Chapterhouse court case, GW isn't releasing new units without new models anymore, and recent (post-case) history seems to bear that [email protected]: the rumors I have been seeing about the alleged 7e is that it will be a clean up of the rules (i.e. incorporating the FAQ) and incorporating rules from some of the recent supplements. So it might be more like a 6.5 than a 7. Of course this could be complete BS and not actually happening at all. I'm of two minds on this: 6e came out 2 years ago, and even if we follow GW's past trends, 7e isn't due out for another 2 years -- this is very early, which makes me very skeptical. But the source for these rumors is 40K radio, which for the Space Marines and Dark Elfs were 100% on the mark in terms of rumors, meaning they should be a trustworthy source. Some people are speculating that this is a false rumor designed to ferret out leaks in GW security (which they have allegedly done in the past). The only thing I can say is "we'll see."Edit: if anyone is interested in following the 7e 40K rumors: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?386751-40K-7th-edition-in-2014If anyone is interested in following the new Tyrranid's Codex rumors: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?382079-Tyranid-Rumors-January-2014Damon.

If that's the case GW needs to give the Lizardmen fans some love with Lord Mazdamundi riding Zlaq. Only talked about him for about a decade now in their codexs.

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Here's a link with some pics of the new models in case you're impatient and can't wait until Saturday (like me ::D: ):





Even if I don't actually get back into playing 40k, GW will most likely be getting some of money in the months to come.


@Smokingwreckage: Thanks for reminding me about Defiance again. It's one of those games that's on the pile that I *intend* to get to one day... Could you tell me if the rules support alien creatures like 'nids? Or is it more for space marine and imp. guard type armies? From what you've said and the little bit that I looked through it a few years ago, it definitely sounds like a fun game.


@Lars: Rumors of 7th Edition in 2014? Wow, that would be crazy, and really early. The important question is, if 7th does come out this year, is it going to include an awesome box set with a great deal on a ton of minis like they did with the last several editions?

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Well, what really sucks is I like the new Legolas and Taurial models, and feel they would be cool for PCs or NPCs, but $25 is way to much asking for them apart.  I can get just as kick elf wild elf mini from reaper or a few other companies in medal for around $10.

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Yeah, GW may have lost their minds on that pricing for a swarm army,


For the Termagaunts and Hormagaunts, it is actually a price cut. The old set is still up on the website: 12 figures for $29 (or $2.42 per). The new set is $44 for 20 figures (or $2.20 per). So not a huge price cut, but still around $4.40 for the same number of figures (20), plus it seems like they come with more options. One can argue this is still too high, but it has become cheaper in this one aspect (I don't collect Tyrranids, so I don't really have a dog in this fight)...



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