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Comments and suggestions welcomed.

This time I slowly built up the layers of colour on the fur to allow for lighting as well as furry texture. I like using real eyes for mouselings but in this case black eyes with the black fur would not work and I didn't want to use albino eyes, so this little bloke has ingested some nasty plant matter as part of his rituals pre-battle so his eyes are not normal.



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    • By R2ED
      It's the weekend again (or pre-weekend) and it's time to get the some painting on!
      In continuation of our Paint Club, here's the Chaos Toad Savage.  
      *  Looking to inspiration first before jumping in was helpful. I pulled the image below to make a two toned toad helped steer the underbelly and eyes.
      *  Blending the chest to the arms was fun to try.  I'd wanted to do wet blending, but this was an easy one to do as a warm up.  Blended Khaki to Refractive Green.  Win!
      *  Used 2 different washes to help bring out the tones of the paints:  body got Agrax Earthshade and the chest got Fleshtone.  Win
      *  Eyes - tried doing black circles with black center and round it with a yellow/white mix.  Win!  Although...room for improvement.
      *  Goth nails in black.  Win.  
      *  Yellow highlights with stippeling rather than brushing on was a good choice.  Will do that more.  Noted that it was hard on the brush to do that.
      *  Big win on upping highlight in the cape (can be seen on the back) well by going up 3 highlights.  I really like it!
      *  Eyes got pushed too far.  I ended up going back to try and add a white reflective detail.  Fail.
      *  I feel the blisters on the skin could be different color.  Wasn't sure what else to go with, but open to ideas.
      *  Pushing contrast was a note I took from someone last time, but still felt this wasn't high enough.  Really tried on the chest, but too much.
      *  The mouth, teeth, and tongue look good, but still cartoonish.  Would like to add some realism to it.  Not sure how to do that?
      *  Washing I was happy with, but would love to hear other ideas for putting over this toad.  Maybe oil wash to deepen it?
      * Chest needs more definition.  The separation between the pectoral muscles could be drawn further.  How?
      As always - open to some feedback!  

    • By lazarp
      I painted this guy to be used as a Big'Un in my warband (WIP thread here)

    • By lazarp
      This is the mini I painted a few months back.
      My first try at painting tattoos too :D
      I'm very happy how he turned out, I've used him as a boss in my dnd campaign and people loved him :D

      Next to a Mantic Greatax Orc :D

      Next to a heavily converted 03197: Thelgar Halfblood :D


    • By Werewolvians
      Sorry, I don't think he has a number yet.
      Continuing on with my Savage Avatars.

    • By Werewolvians
      Last Blood Rage Giant. I love the savageness of these giants. He reminds me of Mumm-Ra a little.

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