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Merry Christmas! Here's a Nativity!

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I can totally see your mother saying "What, no dullcote? I thought I raised you right!"



Seriously, nice job. It looks great! I just picked up the basic nativity; and I'm thinking I'll do it for my mom next christmas.

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Very nice! Your basing looks much better than mine. The figures are all very nicely spaced, too. And good paint job!


Merry Christmas!

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That's really nice. I painted one up for my mom too. You put way more work into yours than I did.


Reaper needs to add 2 more wise men. I'd hate to have to paint the exact same model 3 different ways. They would be a major pain to modify.

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Beautiful work, it came together nicely! All the colours work so well, and placements (layout), really works .

Thanks for sharing, hope you'll share how you'll add the other figures, (donkey), etc. when they get released.

I've bought all the figures so far, but haven't touched them yet, cause I can't get the later additions straight, on how to incorporate...

Great job, she'll love it!

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Thanks all! ::D: She loved it! I mentioned the dullcoat, but mom liked it a bit shiny, so no worries! I think what I'll do to add new figures is place them on separate bases that connect to either side of the round one- I can either trim a wooden base to overhang, or sculpt one to fit and make "wings." That way they can be placed separately or together. I also bought and angel of mercy I'll try to incorporate. The base was actually fun once I got past the monotony of making hay- painting it was a snap- used an old brush, slathered on some vallejo ocher brown, washed with ruddy brown to hit the crevices and then highlighted with a drybrush of sun yellow and pure white. It was actually the fastest part of the whole paintjob. I used that new LED blue and some walnut to paint the rocks. the most frustrating part was Mary's nose. After painting her face I realized why it looked funny- she was missing the tip! I made her a new one, but, being my first "nosejob" it was a bit, er, intense- I ended up doing some last minute paint "disguising" to make it look less prominent.


Sadly, now my sister wants one... sigh... (cue bowl of petunias quote)

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      This one is for my mother. I think Mary's eyes are the best eyes i have ever done on a human mini

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      One is for my mom, and one for my mother-in-law
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      Just curious, is the Nativity set only going to be available around Christmas, or is the plan to make it generally available year round (realizing of course that supplies might be limited).?
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      I want to give my girlfriend's parents a little gift this X-mas ( well a bit before that).
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      With minutes to spare, I finished the base for the nativity and got the figures I managed to get painted this year for my Moms Xmas gift. The pics are not the best, I had to take them quickly so we could get over to her house for Xmas brunch but you get the gist of it. :-)

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