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Merry Christmas! Here's a Nativity!


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    • By strawhat
      I actually finished this some time ago, but frankly wanted to get it over to Ma and Pa Strawhat's ASAP as we knew that Ma wouldn't be around too much longer.  As such, I didn't have the option to get pictures (as soon as I finished sealing it, I went to bed, then boxed it up the next evening as soon as I got home from work and ran it out there).  I grabbed Ma's phone one afternoon while I was over there waiting for hospice to arrive and took a few pictures.  I had hoped that Ma would post them so I could grab them, but she didn't.  The pictures are a little dark (I'm not real good at using other phones), but I think the idea comes across.

    • By R2ED
      This one was started back in Nov, but obviously got back logged.  I got through most of them and just lost steam.  Here's how most of it came out.  Still finishing the manger and one wise man.  
      The three in most pleased with are baby Jesus, herding boy, and the donkey. 

    • By Sirithiliel
      This one is for my mother. I think Mary's eyes are the best eyes i have ever done on a human mini

    • By Sirithiliel
      One is for my mom, and one for my mother-in-law
      got them all base coated

    • By Gargs
      Just curious, is the Nativity set only going to be available around Christmas, or is the plan to make it generally available year round (realizing of course that supplies might be limited).?
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