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60066: Mites


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As I need these little critters for my next Pathfinder RPG session, I here for the first time attempted something resembling speed painting, doing them all in parallel and pushing myself to not get bogged down with details. Still took me a couple of hours spread out over several nights, I really can't understand how some of you guys and gals can be so fast.


The clothing is nothing but a base coat (colors were Olive Drab, Swamp Green, Mahogany Brown, Woodstain Brown and Tanned Leather) given a brown wash (GW's Agrax Earthshade), while the metals were just Honed Steel with a glaze of the Agrax Earthshade. What I did put a little more effort into was the skin, as I see it as the focal point of these nasty little fey buggers (I used the Ocean Blues triad, with a little Blue Liner around the eyes). It's still a bit rough, but tabletop worthy I think.


Anyways, I hope you like em, and I always welcome comments and criticism! ::):



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