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To all members who expressed comments...I want to again thank you for your heartwarming notes...


Anne...This type of water project was one of the most difficult that I have ever executed...due to the layers involved to create the desired effects and at the same time to maintain the look/view of depth in varied areas...it is a very tricky process to maintain clear resin (to view depths) in required areas. Thank you for your comment of character that the burned out pier projects.


Pingo...You are correct; the scene is about the size of a coffee plate/desert plate.


Last Knight...Thank you for your comment(s).


malefactus...I tried my best with the tiny figures; I don't have the ability to paint any real details on these tiny figures (have posted a photo for you showing what these raw figures look like).


Arthur Dent...Thank you for your comment(s)...I have never been to a North Seas fishing town...my early years were spent in the exact opposite (Key Largo)...all my reference material(s) were paintings by varied artists (including Norman Rockwell).


Chaoswolf...Thanks; yes I am still at it and hope to remain so for years to come...I just have one great lament...that being that (to my knowledge) none of the excellent figure producing firms (Reaper/Wyrd/Hasslefree) make any real nostalgic figures like the ones in my scene (fishermen) in (28mm)...I would be in " modeler heaven " if they did and I could produce pieces like this in (28mm).

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Arthur...As I stated, I used paintings as my reference...some of them had water that was nearly black looking (too dark for my purpose)... but a number of them had greenish/blue water (the option that I selected)...tried to keep it from being too dark...so the varied layers would project themselves in visual viewing.



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    • By Inarah
      Dreadmere fishing boat, not much, but it will get you in the water:

      Captain Blackcrumb:

      Finally, Mariel Twinspar.  Did her as a speed paint at the con, cleaned her up a bit when I got home: 
      Before and after.....

    • By SparrowMarie
      So my Husband needs a boat for his 4E campaign. It unfortunately cannot wait until Bones 5 delivers so I bought a paper craft boat from World Works Games. It's called The Maiden. It's HUGE. Photo from the website in spoiler. In the photo you can see a few minis placed on it for scale. 
      Like I said HUGE. I've done some other paper craft boats before but nothing like this. I'll be using foamcore for the base of the decks but the rest of it is card stock, transparency paper, and Uhu glue(the glue stick not the liquid-y stuff). I'm not yet sure which figurehead and props I will be using. I may just make them all and let Husband decide what he wants/needs after that.
      Thankfully, this thing comes with pretty detailed instructions so it shouldn't be...not sure hard is the word I want but it's the one I'm going to use. So it shouldn't be hard, it's just up to my skill to cut, glue, and (most importantly) follow directions. It will take lots of time though I am sure of that. 
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      It's time to relax,
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      As my players are going to be floating around the Darklake in the Underdark for the next few sessions, after drawing it the first night, I thought about trying to build it instead.  We use the grid and my players floundered when we tried to do away with it so trying different ways to incorporate it into the build. 
      Playing with wood texture.  My one cut was horrible and it ripped more than it cut. 

      Used chipboard templates to guide the curved cuts. 

      2 different grid options on the front and back.   Like the front but it’s a bit more confusing than just using the “nail holes”.  Will see how the middle goes. 

      Thanks for looking. 
    • By Brianuk
      Have been stealing coffee stirrers for a while and thought I should disguise them. 
      This is a modular set of docks for pirate settings/City docks, ghost archipelago. All I did was make platforms of various heights with layers of foam core board. Then Iaid cross pieces and laid the decks on top, just using different thicknesses of coffee stirrers. The stanchions are just pva glued to the side of the foam core, under the decks rather than showing above them. I painted the foam core black and am painting the wood using the Crafting Muse video on YouTube as a guide. I won't be basing these. 
      The boat is a lucky find. It is a decoupage model ocean liner. I cut the top off and had a curved boat shape 15cm / 6" long and perfect for 8 models. Only £1.25 on sale. All I did was lay a deck of coffee stirrers then took some of the bits I cut off and glued them back on to the sides. Painted like the Dock. I don't want to add seats, mast, similar detail to this model to maximise how many based minis can stand in it. 

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