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Tangerine Dreams (of goblins), and odds and ends.


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First, some Bones goblins painted up D&D style:




Next, some champions for my kobolds:






I need to fix his chin. Too much yellow.


Next, an older model I painted with a color scheme inspired by some of the mobs found in Scholomance in World of Warcraft:




And finally, and old Ral Partha (now Iron Wind Metals) wyvern. I wanted some ice/frost themed monsters for an upcoming D&D session, and this model had been setting on my desk for a long time.




Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the models.

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Nice job! I think that the gobbos look great, I'm painting up some in a similar color scheme; it's nice to see that I'm not the only person who doesn't think goblin=green.


The kobold champion looks great, I agree about cleaning up the shaman's chin, but kudo's to you for trying out some OSL. I haven't worked up the courage to try that yet.


The evil warrior looks very good, interesting color scheme.


Do you have any plans to do some basing on the Wyvern? He looks kind of out of place on that big empty black base. Some snow and ice would reinforce the idea of a cold dwelling beastie, IMO.

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VERY NICE WORK all around...you have a flair for colors & an attractive painting style.

Congratulations on liberating yourself from the Green Goblin mindset. I do mine in a burnt orange/burnt sienna ("burnt" seems to fit the Goblin persona" or a golden brown fading to sand for the more nocturnal types.

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