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Tangerine Dreams (of goblins), and odds and ends.


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First, some Bones goblins painted up D&D style:




Next, some champions for my kobolds:






I need to fix his chin. Too much yellow.


Next, an older model I painted with a color scheme inspired by some of the mobs found in Scholomance in World of Warcraft:




And finally, and old Ral Partha (now Iron Wind Metals) wyvern. I wanted some ice/frost themed monsters for an upcoming D&D session, and this model had been setting on my desk for a long time.




Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the models.

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Nice job! I think that the gobbos look great, I'm painting up some in a similar color scheme; it's nice to see that I'm not the only person who doesn't think goblin=green.


The kobold champion looks great, I agree about cleaning up the shaman's chin, but kudo's to you for trying out some OSL. I haven't worked up the courage to try that yet.


The evil warrior looks very good, interesting color scheme.


Do you have any plans to do some basing on the Wyvern? He looks kind of out of place on that big empty black base. Some snow and ice would reinforce the idea of a cold dwelling beastie, IMO.

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VERY NICE WORK all around...you have a flair for colors & an attractive painting style.

Congratulations on liberating yourself from the Green Goblin mindset. I do mine in a burnt orange/burnt sienna ("burnt" seems to fit the Goblin persona" or a golden brown fading to sand for the more nocturnal types.

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    • By veoviscool12
      I'm working on a conversion for my partner's character in our Swords and Wizardry campaign. She's a half-elf rogue with red hair that dual-wields swords, but unfortunately Reaper doesn't sell an exact figure of that type. There are a couple of other figures that might have worked but we both really liked Lanelle's base, so I took on the task of converting her to wield two swords and carry a shield on her back.
      The sword conversion wasn't too difficult; I bought three copies of Lanelle so I could take the sword from one and have a third as a back-up in case I messed something up. I carefully snipped off the sword, and used a pin vise to attach it. I used the baking soda and superglue combo to patch up a few small gaps. The shield was harvested from a 77024 goblin mini, and has a little pin in it which will attach to her back. I'm keeping them separate for now to ease painting.

      The original figure; this is the backup.

      The successful conversion; the red hair is stained from a previous attempted paint job that was removed with Simple Green.

      You can see the gaps a little on this side, but they've very minor and I believe paint will help disguise it later.

      There are no visible gaps on the outside.

      The shield will be attached right in the center of of her back; if positioned correctly I think it'll
      just reach the sheath on her belt and give the illusion that the dagger is just hidden behind the shield.

      The donor shield and unhappy goblin; I think this mini will make a nice battle-scarred goblin with a tragic past.
    • By lexomatic
      Quick! Look over there while I crop photos.
      See also WIP:
    • By redambrosia
      I've got three player characters and a random demon.
      The first is a kobold mage, from 03024 Kobold Leader and Sorcerer. I filled out his robes and cloak so he wouldn't be raggedy. The character is a terramancer, so I should have replaced the fire with earthy stuff, but I wasn't feeling that creative.

      Next is the half-leprechaun, for our irish-heritage player  He's made from 50307, Mr. Grimm and a now faceless bones guy. I just cut off that guy's face and attached it to Mr. Grimm, who had his face ground down. I also filled in the robotic arm and ground off the back pack connector. Turning the hand into a humanoid hand didn't work too well, so don't look at that.

      The last player character is a new version of my doll mage, Eloria, made from 03648, Hyrekia. I liked her better than my previous.

      And last is 77258 Blood Demon. Just a random bones mini I finished.

      I hope you enjoy!
    • By MKCS
      Who doesn't like a Kobold?
      The sculpts are amazing.  Incredible detail for such wee little pieces.
      I started painting these a while back, and just finished the kobold wizard this morning.  
      I hope you like them!

    • By Crowley
      Sitting at my desk, painting up goblins, I decided that I needed to do different goblins, but I didn't have any different goblins, just the mace guy with a shield, and the spear guy with a shield... And because one was left handed, and the other right handed, I couldn't just do a weapon swap, so I cut off both their arms!!

      That sort of worked... the arms don't really fit cleanly though. So rather than try to make them fit, I decided it'd be easier to just cover it with fur. 


      Eh, it'll look okay when painted up... 
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