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I'm going to paint...








No, seriously, though. I've got an entire Legion army to be re-painted, a metric craptonne of Bones left, PLUS: (3 factions of) Relic Knights, Cthulhu Wars, and Kingdom Death: Monster on the way. I'm so hosed this year. AND BONES 2!!! GAH! :zombie:

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To start 2014, I prepared 16 miniatures during the holiday season. There is 3 Icingstead Yetis; Yeti Chieftain, Shaman and a Warrior (done). I will also paint Dhulrekk Thulfinson (done) and mount them on snowy bases.

Then, I'll be painting CAV for the first time. During the 12 days of Reaper I bought a Dictator 70, an Emperor, 2 Despots, a Merlin and 2 Harpy. I've been waiting for a long time to try my brush on a CAV model. In the same spirit, I have a Rach Soldier for the Chronoscope line that I will paint using the same color scheme. I'll add Caine the Cyber-Troll as a privateer to that group.

I've also prepared Karlov Diedrich the Wizard (done) and converted Harapan and a Bones version of Kagunk the Ogre Chieftain. Kagunk is my first try at Bones.

I'd also like to paint another Dragon. Maybe Kaladrax, maybe Stormwing or any of the Dragon from KS1. There is 2 other special projects I want to start working on, but I'll keep them secret for now.

Have a great 2014 hobby year everyone.

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I'm going to paint...





Me too! Me Too! :bday:


And then I'm going to jump to the moon and when I get back I'm going to star in the new Star Wars movie. ::P:



Or maybe I'll just get my painting desk and minis organized.

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Well 2013 has been the best year for me in terms if miniatures painting. I have painted the most since my two sons were born. As they get older they show more of an interest so I get more time to paint.


I have another 3 kickstarters to drop in 2014 ( Bones 2 (of course!), Arkworlde and War and Empire)


So without further ado I plan to complete the following:-


Complete the full vampire set from bones 1

Finish a selection if the gangs to enable me to play EotD (or run a campaign)

Finish a few dragons


This will be more then enough but I want to achieve at least 200 28mm miniatures the rest I have are 15mm and they don't count.

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I've long been more of a collector and an "I'll paint them later, I swear" person, but I really want to change that this year, especially since I may have to downsize and sell off some of them. I really want to take the time to enjoy the hobby I have collected and envisioned for the past few years.


In no particular order:

  • Build and paint the Kings of War undead army box (110 figures)
  • Finish painting the GW LotR goblins I started 2 years ago (100+ figures)
  • Build and paint the sizeable Reptus army I own (maybe 30 figures?)
  • Build and paint the Kings of War orc army box (70 odd figures)
  • Paint the started-but-never-finished D&D characters I have played throughout the years
  • Try NMM
  • Use at least one technique from each painting DVD I own

If I can accomplish even one of those, it will be more than I did in 2013.

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Beat 2013 total of 227 painted minis.


More importantly though I want to finish:

-Organize new wargame room. (Should be moved into new home by middle of this month.)

-6mm WW2 US Army.

-6mm WW2 Russian Army.
-1/600 Allied Air Force.

-1/600 Axis Air Force.

-1/6000 Axis Naval Force.

-CAV Force for our club rules.

-Finish 15mm WW1 British.

-Finish 15mm WW2 Italians.

-Start organizing minis for 15mm fantasy campaign.

-Paint up some Reaper Vampire Bones monsters for dungeon delving.

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This year I'm going to focus on diminishing my big pile of "rank and file" miniatures (DDM, Pathfinder Battles, etc.).


Main goals for 2014.

Finish 300 miniatures in total.

If I buy a miniature in 2014 it needs to be finished* in 2014 (kickstarters excluded)

Finish at least 4 miniatures a week** (that doesn’t add up to 300 total but the four miniatures is just a minimum)


* In the case of multi figure plastic sets a minimum of 12 figures should be finished (as I don’t wargame I don’t need the full 24-40 miniatures the multi part figure sets usually come in)

** Weeks in which I’m not home are excluded


Sub goals for 2014.

Finish at least 50 regularly (non-speedpaint/quickdip) painted miniatures

Finish last years metal miniature purchases (numbers might decline if I decide to sell or otherwise dispose of miniatures I feel that I don’t need, like many of the Stonehaven Dwarven Adventurers)

- Warlord games metal miniatures (4)

- Hasslefree Miniatures (5)

- Games Workshop (2)

- Game Zone (1)

- Darksword Miniatures (3)

- Otherworld Miniatures (23)

- Stonehaven (19)

- West Wing (4)

- Red Box Games (7)

Finish last years speed paint purchases (numbers might decline if I decide to sell or otherwise dispose of miniatures I feel that I don’t need, like many of the modern Bones miniatures)

- Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter (228)

- Warlord Games (42)

- DDM (2)

- Mantic Games (11)

- Pathfinder Battles (37)

Paint my RGB Helsvakt Miniatures (8)

Paint my RGB Njorn Miniatures (12)


I’m fairly confident that I’m going to be able to reach my two main goals for 2014 and it will be interesting to see how many of my subgoals I’ll be able to reach.

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You guys are crazy...setting goals to paint more than my entire collection!


After taking an inventory over the weekend [everything but 3 boxes cataloged now], I realized that I don't have as much metal as I thought...much closer to 125 blisters than 200. The way I used to store them was a lot of visible space, making it look like more. Makes the size of my bones pile even more obscene, not counting the pile from KS2! Or the stuff from Kaosball, which will need painted.

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Hm, well this will be my first full year of painting, and I am in way over my head with what I want to accomplish vs. what is reasonable. But let's dream big!

- Learn OSL

- Learn water effects

- Learn to paint tattoos

- Paint and enter a unit (adventuring party) and a single mini at Genghis Con's painting contest (6 minis)

- Take 7 painting classes at Genghis Con

- Finish 2 "commission" minis for Bryan

- Develop a legitimate speed painting style and use it to finish 75 Bones from KS1

- Paint another 25 Bones to a higher level quality

- Participate in the summer mini exchange

- Enter one fall/winter contest to see how a year's worth of practice helps my skills!

- Do Secret Sophie and include one painted mini as part of the gift

- Marry a gaming sugar daddy so I don't have to work and can spend all my time painting and gaming

- Acquire one of every Bones mini that I don't have

- IF my gaming group starts a new game, paint the new party


Some of those goals may be more realistic than others.



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I finished Kyra and Lava rather last night so my table is finally clear of that. I only painted 22 figures in 2013, but to be fair I had a lot going on and decreased desire to spend time painting. In 2014 my goal is to finish my 15mm pile and the Robotech kickstarter figures I'll be receiving at some point. Anything else is gravy. I forsee a lot of spray painting and airbrush base coating.

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