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Warlord: First edition book. Beautiful compared to 2nd and S.North


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I already owned Second edition Warlord rules and the HB Savage North edition. Although S.N. has nice artwork and detailed page back grounds, there is just way to much black and white and dark tones (S.N.).


I recently acquired a HB copy of the 1st edition rules off eBay. OMG!! this book is beautiful! Full of color and detail on every page.. I couldn't have been more happy with a rule book than I am with this one. Why.. oh WHY didn't reaper follow through with this detail on their 2nd and S.N. editions?


LOL, oh well the object of this post?

Which book do you all prefer?


You know my vote =).

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The format of the 2nd Edition books was largely a matter of economics. Reaper had tons of the 1st ed books left over (the only way to get good quality, full color books at a decent price is by volume); the first 2nd ed book was almost entirely fan-driven. Honestly, we were lucky to get it published at all.


All things being equal, I'd rather have books that look like the 1st Edition hardcover. But when it comes down to brass tacks, I'll take substance over style every time.



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This may be a lil off topic.. but how do the point values compare to each other form 1st and 2nd? If they are close enough, I was thinking of trying to find the 1st edition book just for the character creation rules. I won't use it strictly as is.. but moreso as a guideline to alter existing character stats in 2nd to tailor it closer to my models. 

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