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Here he is last night, base coated and washed.


And finished and based, with some Testors Dullcote:
If I was to critique myself, I would say that it's time to try a bit more blending on my next one, with an intermediate highlight, and maybe some small extreme hightlights. My highlights were too light, so I had to go back with a flesh wash and blue wash to bring them down a bit.
I will also remember to paint the eyes early.
I am getting the hang of dilution, but probably need to be less afraid of wasting paint, since the little dabs I work with tend to not be fully mixed, so are weak and chalky. I'll start working with more figures at once so I can use the excess paint next time.



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Perhaps a little dry brush of a contrasting color on the axe blade would help too. It would bring out the texture of the blade. Looking pretty good :)

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