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New England Paint Day

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Well the New Year gets me thinking of years past and things to do in the coming year. So I think it is high time that we resurrect the New England Paint Day.


For those of you unfamiliar with the New England Paint Day, it is a get together of like minded individuals; to paint, share techniques and to just have a plain old good time.


On to the debate. As this is a New England Paint Day, we have to figure out the location. In the past, they have been hosted by individual painters and at game stores. I can set up a time with Pat at my FLGS (Citadel Games Cellar in Groton CT) or I can host at my house depending on the number of people. For those who were at the last CT paint day, the Citadel has moved down the street to a new location and has much better lighting this time around.


I am open to other locations if it is more convenient for the majority; someone else would just have to step up and procure a location. Right now I should be good for most weekends up until April.


So, who's interested?



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I would love to make it, but four hours is quite a haul for me. I don't really do long road trips these days.

That's why I haven't made it out to any of the NY paint days yet. I do have a comfy couch though. And one of the casinos is like 15 minutes away. Just sayin'.


What sort of dates work for people. I was thinking some Saturday in late January or early February.

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Oooo! It sounds like lots of fun.

It would be about a 2 hour drive from where I live. I might be able to make it, depending on exactly when you were thinking of doing it.


I'd love to suggest possible locations, but I do not have a better idea. I guess if there were way more people driving down from northern New England than from NY / CT, it might pay to move it further north, but you would know far better than I.


I know that I am busy on January 11&12, and on February 16, 22 and 23 (business + TotalCon)

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