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New England Paint Day

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The first Saturday doen't look good for me, as that is my birthday weekend and awesome wife still has not revealed what our plans are.  I *think* I'll be heading up to NH to celebrate with my family as my brother's B-day is the day after mine.


Either way, everyone have fun and I'll catch you all at the next one.

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Well, my brother isn't available this coming weekend, so I'll not be heading to NH for our birthday's.  Are people still interested in painting on the 5th?  Not sure if Pat has anything going on for board game day.  I don't think so.  If so, if I bring my Descent and Talisman figs does that count?


BTW I noticed that he has some of the Descent 2nd edition Lieutenant packs now too.


One thing that I noticed is that I get much more painting done at these events than I do at home.  Fewer distractions and I guess I feel more like painting since I took the time pack everything up and head out there.

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I am! Unfortunately, I have actually run out of paintbrushes while I wait for my massive R&C order to go through... So I'll have to run and pick some up at Michael's tomorrow, or maybe I'll drop 10 bucks on a W&N 2/0 at my local art store... hm. Gotta think about this. Haven't been able to paint more than basecoats in about a week, so I've got the itch bad...


Do you think I could drive down with you again, Dilvish?

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uhm, how do you 'run out' of paint brushes?  Are you not washing them out at the end of the paint session?  Purposefully leaving them in the water cup?  Eating them instead of just licking the end?  Do tell!

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April is shaping up to be super-extra-busy for me. (with PAX, Easter and ReaperCon, in that order) I will try to make it down for the 5th, but no promises.


Fanguad: If I go, I can give you a ride, but I can't claim to be reliable at this time. I'll try to have things nailed down by Thursday.

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I just shot Pat a message on the BookFace to make sure there is nothing else going on and that we will have space.


Aard, I should be able to give you a lift as long as things work out.


All, I will also try and bring my Hersey dragon to gloat show it off.



ETA: Pat says we are good to go.  See you all (that are coming) on Sat.

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Woot! I've been eyeing that guy... maybe next year's Aardmas present to me, if I do well...


So, I went to buy paintbrushes today, right? Went to the local Art Shoppe - we're an arts college, so we've got one down the road - bought two brushes. Taklon, two bucks a pop, a 0 and a 3/0. But here's the thing, right? I walked in ready to drop some cash - brush cleaner, a wire brush rack, some natural hair brushes.


Their brush cleaner? Dried out. Like a brick.


Natural hair brushes? Nothing. No sable, no squirrel - a box of Series 7's so old they had powder in the bristles, fluffed up, and they didn't have anything larger than 3/0 or smaller than 4.


Wire thingies? Looked, considered, but decided not to buy since I couldn't get brushes. I'll wait.


Went to Lots&More - spent two dollars on two packs of brushes. Also golden Taklon - and the only difference I can see is that the ferrules aren't securely glued to the wood. The brush itself is fine.


So I'm looking at these 33c brushes that're as good as the 2$ ones. Grah. Disappointing show from the art store...


Edit - and the Lotsandmore brushes come to a neater point than the other ones, too. _-_


Which brings me to my point - does Pat (or the train store down the road) sell paint brushes?

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