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New England Paint Day

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Great time at paint day.  Fanguad already gave the run down.  I brought my Box of Awesomeness and have the forum members sign a page of the journal.  Some may have also added to the box.  More stuff for those down the line!


In addition to painting we also got in a pair of games of Marvel Legendary Heroes (at least I think that's what the game was called).  Much fun was had.  I don't get to paly board games with adults much any more.

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 I'm thinking it's time for another Citadel visit. I ran into a guy at Rocky Horror last night that I used to game with at the Citadel who mentioned that I hadn't been around much lately.


 (Also, it's been confirmed that we're doing a second Rocky show in Mystic, although we don't know the date yet, so there's a chance I may be able to kidnap convince a couple of y'all to hang around for dinner and the show afterward. /evil plan )

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Citadel would be nice, or that place up in Manchester. The one we went to yesterday is nice enough, but they've got so little stuff unless you're into GW or prepaints...


Dilv, how's the place up in Manchester for Reaper stuff? I need some SCUBA divers for my da's Christmas present... Got to come up with something to replace the squeedoo, so I'm gonna put together a diorama of me and my dad and little sister in scuba gear, posed so that I can just plop it in at father's day.


And the 6th sounds great on my end. Looking foward to this!

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The Battle Standard in Manchester, CT doesn't really have any Reaper.  There was one or two bones minis but that was it.  They have a bunch of other stuff tough and a large table for painting (or Magic).  I did a review of the joint in the Acquisitions thread.


I'm good with either one.


And Jack....I was this close to heading to Rocky yesterday; if I wasn't having so much fun with the board games I just may have made it.  Let me know when the next one is and maybe Awesome Wife and I will be able to make it.  It's been over 20 years since we've been (and never together). (we do get to throw things yes?  The wife used to go to the one in Harvard square, date their Rocky for a while)

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 Yup, you can throw things - some fools brought ziplock bags of rice and multiple rolls of toilet paper last night. We'll probably be banning the rice and limiting the TP if this becomes a regular show, but that still leaves the toast and playing cards, lol.

(When people started chucking rice and getting into a TP fight, I decided it'd be good to leave a good first impression on the theatre owner and cleaned up most of it after the show.)

All we know so far is that we have a tentative December show, but I'll let you know when we work it out.

(Also, the RKO Army has a website and facebook page you can check out.)


And your wife and I may know some of the same people, or at least know people who know the same people.

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