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New England Paint Day

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I'd like to do the Battle Standard, myself. I love Pat, but I'd like the chance to at least try for some of these Christmas deals everyone's going on about in acquisitions (and to take a look at some stuff I've not seen before...)


They also look like a pretty big and active store. It'd be cool to have some folks hanging around....

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Hours are from 10:30am to 10:00pm.


according to Wayne, they have a dedicated painting area and there will be no interference.  Based upon my previous visits, I concur.


I will most likely arrive around 11:00 or so.  Not sure if Dilvish Daughter will be in tow.  Of course just after scheduling this, we got the invitation to my BIL's annual Christmas Party.  I'm going to pass as I would rahter paint, but Dilvish Daughter may rather want to hang out with her cousins instead.

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Of course, you are one of the founding members!  (of the second reformation)


Too bad we didn't have our meeting there yesterday.  They had their Small Business Saturday promotion going:  20% off anything in the store as well as some raffles.


I was busy having belated Turkey Day, but still...

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I'm negotiating getting to go to this.  If the weather is poor as per the current forcast, I stand a good chance of making it.  If not I'll be spending time outdoors with the family.



It looks like I am good to go for Saturday.


Fanguad, if you're still looking for a ride, PM me and we can pick a meeting place and time.

Excellent!  Looking forward to seeing you all.

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