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New England Paint Day

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You know nastro azzurro is just Italian for PBR.

I am aware of that. However, I never said that I only drank Italian beer, Germany isn't that far away, nor is the UK.



Congrats on the airbrush, Aard!!

After you've all mastered it's use, let me know, and I'll try to swing by so you can teach me!

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Alrighty then.


So far we have talked about beer (or lack thereof), computers (laptop vs desktop), and airbrushes.


We need to pick a location and date for this month!


I nominate the Citadel on the 10th.  I have no problem going somewhere else if people want, but I figured I would throw this one out to stimulate discussion.


Thusly, discuss. ::P:

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Nobody will add me to the group, so I can vicariously get in on all of these Yankee shenanigans... :down:


( :;):)



Edit:  Now I see.  The FB group.  That has been rectified.  Sorry, they don't make the request to join notifications very noticeable.

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