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New Years resolution


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Below is a pic of what I'm working with. I've actually done a bit of an early spring cleaning and removed a bunch of unpainted mins from my shelves. Just stuff I really don't want any more and will either try to sell or just dump into the garbage. As you can see however, there are still a lot of minis on my shelves that remain brazenly naked. The biggest problem for me is that throughout the coming year I'm likely going to be adding more minis to my shelves to replace the ones I cleared out. There are some Warmachine minis I still want, Malifaux has become my new all time favourite minis game, there are a bunch of Reaper Bones minis from the second kickstarter I'd like to get once they become available, I'm hoping to expand my collection of ancient/mythic minis for an rpg campaign I'm planning, and there will likely be other miscellaneous minis that catch my attention. So yea, I have my work cut out for me.



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Been a while since I put up some new stuff. I've been keeping up with the painting, but it seems I've fallen behind with taking photos. First up are three quick paint jobs I did


Sorscha from Warmachine. She's part of the new Winterguard armoured infantry army I'm putting together. Nice to paint, but a real pain to photograph.



Mangu Timor. His armour came out more iron than steel. I think next time I'm going to use a dark grey or dark silver wash rather than black.



Anirion. I still can't figure out if this is supposed to be a man with long hair or a woman. You never can tell when it comes to elves :P


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