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mangochutnee's works, in progress and otherwise

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I've been lurking on these forums admiring everyone's work, and I think I'm ready to start posting mine! I painted a couple of minis over 15 years ago but didn't get back into it until recently, after receiving the first Bones Kickstarter. There is such a wealth of information and inspiration here - I definitely felt overwhelmed starting out, but this forum has helped a lot. Now let the picture posting commence!


Dain Deepaxe #77074: Started working on him about mid-December, still not done. :grr: Base coat:



Washed in black, then layered back up:


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Dain Deepaxe #77074: The Continuation: The Glamour Shots:




I'm not happy with the boots, but I had to set him aside and start on something else otherwise I'd just nitpick him to death. Unfortunately there's also a piece of lint or something on his face that I didn't see with my naked eye, and now it's stuck on there good. Oh well... The close-up pictures make him look much more chalky than he does on the tabletop. I'm focusing mostly on getting these minis ready for gaming, not competition, so I have to tell myself that it's good enough and just keep on painting. My new year's resolution for 2014 is to try and do one a week! So on to the next one!

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Deenah the Barbarian #77062:



The eyes looked huge in the picture but okay on the table. I tried to go in and fix them but just ended up having to completely redo them.



They look better now... I guess? I spent a lot of time fixing her skin too. Unfortunately I did NOT take the sage advice to keep a color notebook, so when I tried to clean up her face I ended up giving her vitiligo. :wacko: Decided to give her a cloth skirt because the silver wasn't doing it for me. She now has totally metal kneepads to compensate though.




I've been scared to clean a lot of the flash lines because of how soft the Bones are and how butterfingers I am with a blade. I'm really paying for it as you can see in this last pic though. I bought some fresh blades a couple days ago so I'll see if I can't at least get the arm cleaned up.

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Welcome back to the hobby! I think you're off to a great (re)start. Both Dain and Deenah are tidy, which is always a big step in brush control. I like Dain's helmet horns.


What trystangst said... I often cringe when I see my WIP shots, but then remember they are often 3x bigger than the mini, or more, and will show every little flaw magnified. They are great for checking eye balance, though. ^_^

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WELCOME BACK to the craft! Don't be too critical of your pieces; they show a lot of potential. As has been mentioned, cameras, being diabolical creatures of contrary nature, tend to highlight all the otherwise unnoticeable little flaws. Keep up the SPLENDID WORK!

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I'd also like to welcome you back to the hobby and say you are off to a great re-start to painting.


One thing that I notice with your pics is that your paint looks to be chalky, which is caused by pushing around paint that is drying up and is a little too thick. I also see you are using the RSP's so you could easily thin them down with a bit of water (or distilled water if you have hard water) and do your paints in more thin layers which gives better looking transitions to the colors and a more polished look. If I get that chalky look going, I usually just fix it with a bit of the Reaper Brush-on sealer, it does wonders for the smoothing it out and it also helps on the bones figures which may have some miscasts to some areas like faces.


Keep up the great work and keep posting up your pics!

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Thanks everyone for the "welcome backs" and the comments. Re: chalky paint, I agree, I have not been thinning the paints down enough. The first few Bones I tried I thinned too much for the base coat, which of course caused the beading and streakiness familiar to all who've worked with Bones, and it scared me off. Dain Deepaxe isn't sealed yet either so I'm withholding final judgement for now.


This evening I did a little more work on Deenah, mostly just colorblocking to make sure the overall look was coming together. Needed a little pop I thought, so I made her water flask red. After all the shading is done it'll probably end up being much darker than that. Because right now it kind of looks like a whoopee cushion, which is most assuredly NOT something a fierce warrior like Deenah would be carrying around to embarrass pompous old wizards at inopportune times... no sir...



I sometimes struggle trying to figure out the bits and bobs until I paint a layer, then I'll say, "Aha! That's a satchel (or a belt buckle, or whatever)!" Well I painted this and I still don't know what it is:



It's probably some pouches suffering from a massive line of flash. :unsure: No matter, I'll forge ahead with the leather look unless inspiration strikes. The bright side is I liked the brown I mixed up for her sword hilts so much I went and used the rest of it on Bad Boy Damien's staff:



It's 1:1:1 Muddy Brown : Lonestar Leather : Blood red. I had been thinking of starting on him anyway when I saw the Bad Boy Challenge. Too make him competitive with the entries I'm seeing so far I'm going to try a little OSL, you know nothing too fancy, haha oh man what am I getting myself into.

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Totally understand what you mean about the thinned first layer on bones. My advice is to use straight up paint w/o any thinning for the very first coat and then subsequent coats you use the thinned down paint and go in layers. Bones are very water resistant so if you try to paint the first layer thinned down it will bead up and streak, the first coat unthinned will act like a primer since bones don't require priming.


I think it's cool you are getting in on the Bad Boy contest as well, it is going to be fun to see how everyone does this figure. OSL is also a pretty nifty effect, looking forward to seeing how you do it.

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Painted the base on Deenah and gave her black wash everywhere except her skin. For my other minis I'm not doing anything with the base since I would like to cut off the broccoli and put them on a 25mm round, but that won't work so easily here. I'm using GW's wash in Nuln Oil, which is SO GREAT if you're not confident in painting in all your own shadows. Also great for picking out details lost in the base coat, like her shoelaces. However it didn't work as well as hoped on her skirt. I'll have to go in and do my own black lining after all.



Majority of my painting time was spent on Halbarand #77089. (Okay I spent about 10 minutes fiddling with my light source before putting it back in its original position. On my shopping list: a second, overhead, task lamp.) His face is gross. I think I found the problem there though, it's that specific color, GW's Cadian Fleshtone. It really needs to be thinned down a lot more, to the point where it wouldn't be a good base coat. In the future I will have to remember to use it as a layer only.



I was waffling on his armor. It's a lot of metal, so I thought about doing a more "enamel plated" look, like you might find on Games Workshop's Space Marines. The silver on his right shoulder is experimental. He has a lot of great details that I need to decide how to highlight. I'm on the fence about using a metallic color though - any thoughts? I'm trying to pick figures where I can try new techniques. Halbarand has three things I'm trying to learn: faceted gems, a good deep red cloak, and a linen white tabard.


The other thing I did tonight was throw some minis into a Simple Green bath. They were my second and third attempts at painting, respectively, and in between the chunky paint job and damage caused by moving across the country I think it'll just be easier to start fresh. Look upon these works and despair:


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Some more work on Halbarand today, stopped because I got frustrated. I feel like a lot of his details got smooshed. There is a big difference in the crispness of the gem on the left shoulder and the one on the right. Also a bunch of pitting and then an area under his left armpit that's just like... it tried to be his torso but just lost all definition. Solution will be paint it very dark and pretend it's a shadow. One problem I'm having is getting the right consistency of paint, it's either too thin or too chunky. I created some bubbles on the hem of the cloak by going too fast with watery paint. There will be time to correct it with lots of layers, though. I hope.



While I took a break from that, I decided to put the base layer on my next victim project. Walnut Brown goes on very smoothly and helps me see all the little details that I can't distinguish when the mini is blindingly bare Bones white. It works well as a shadow for many colors. Also, hitting the details with my brush helps me to understand the figure much better. I could stare at it for hours and still not "get" how to approach painting it. May I present Trista #77094:



Just for fun I'm going to end with a pic of Orc Berserker #77059, painted him in the spring of this year. I DM'd a Pathfinder one-shot where my players picked random race and random class out of a bag. My boyfriend got ORC WIZARD. After threatening to quit playing forever he rolled up an eldritch knight who turned out to be quite strong. I think if I were to do it again I would put that orc head on a less grungy body to reflect his accumulated "civilized" wealth. His backstory was that he was taken at a young age for a slave and ended up a wizard's apprentice, so he spent most of his life in human lands. Here is Gothamin:


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Hal gave me fits because the details were just not crisp. I'm interested to see how he works out for you. Trista is one of my favs right now. I have two to play with, maybe I'll join you in painting her. Although, I feel like you will be done before I finish my current mini. Keep it up. Perfect practice makes perfect.

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Careful with the Walnut Brown. It is one of a few colors that are notorious for chipping off very easily. I switched to starting with Brown Liner for that reason (as suggested by others on these forums).

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@Dontfear: I'm flitting between all different minis at the moment so who knows, you may yet catch up if you start Trista now!


@Talae: Thank you, I just found the thread on Walnut Brown being so flaky (in all senses of the word). No problems so far luckily, I am fairly steady when holding my minis. On the other hand I dropped Halbarand on his face no less than three times the other day, so...


Sometimes you have to suffer a little (or a lot) for your art. I really felt like every time I picked Halbarand up it was like a chore, not a pleasurable activity. But this evening something just clicked when I started working on his cloak. I put a couple of thin layers of 75/25 Pure Black/Blood Red over the whole cloak. It didn't really look any different from the Walnut Brown but it made me feel better that none of it chipped off. I then did a layer of about 50/50 Pure Black/Blood Red, while using the previous darker mix to wet blend down into the crevices.



I did a few more layers by just eyeballing adding more red to black, always keeping the previous mix used for blending purposes. Here is how he looks now with 100% Blood Red higlights:



Okay! Now we're cookin'! I feel a lot better about finishing this guy soon!

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Awesome! Level up, as One Boot would say! That's what I always think about when something clicks. You've earned painting XP. Your red in the cloak is fantastic! And red is a tough color!


If you ever have a small fiddly bit that's hard to figure out, try heading over to the inspiration galley or the paint crew gallery and typing in the name or number of the miniature. Sometimes other folks have already painted it and you can use what they've learned!


Welcome back to the hobby and keep up the great work!

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