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Ah. The mystery is solved. >cut and paste<   Doc Bedlam Good day, sir. You have no idea who I am, and I'm not trying to sell you anything or get your personal information. We're both membe

What you see here is a dungeon map drawn by an eight year old.   It kind of took me back to my early days of dungeon design, although I was older when I drew my first one. A guy on the Old School

Thanks to Buglips for turning me onto this thread I did a project like this with a family friend's son years back. He just had this great idea for an armored gargoyle type warrior. It was lots o

...you know, I KNOW I picked up a set of those claws out of the Boneyard last Reapercon... I think I may well have to see about kitbashing something like that... I like the boy's style...

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Oh I cringed when I checked out some of my old character sheets from when I was 10. *shudder* :blink:



These are adorable, but I am sure once he is older he won't necessarily see them as adorable as we do now.

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I'm using the Gonturzap. I don't know where, and I don't know when, but I'm using the Gonturzap.


ETA: Dr. B, think it would be cool if we drew interpretations of the Gonturzap for you to share back? Because that sounds like fun to me. Anybody else?


Gonturzap is the new Trogdor!

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...you know, I KNOW I picked up a set of those claws out of the Boneyard last Reapercon... I think I may well have to see about kitbashing something like that... I like the boy's style...

Doc I was looking at the Miliput, sculpey, and GS last night trying to figure out what kind of armature I will need to make this thing happen. I wonder what size we are looking at, and how it would scale out?

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    • By R2ED
      I can't begin to tell you how excited i am that my parents found these in the basement in some supplies i had stored.  These are Ral Partha models from 1988 to 1991. I bought them with my allowance back when i was like 9 or 10 and am thrilled to see these again.  I remember being so afraid to paint them because i didn't want to mess them up, that i never ever tried.  
      These are primed and need to be stripped. These are early pewter-white metal.  They even had packaging that read "now lead free". 
      What I'm wanting to do is savor the joy of painting them, now that I'm way more capable.  However...i need to get this crappy primer off of them.  These are 30+ years old and I'm blown away they look as good as they do.  
      Anyone have a solution that can strip this down to the metal? 

    • By Firestar
      My first Wyvern. :)
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hi everyone.  Got a couple more demons for you today.  This is a pair of Bones Fly Demons for use as Chasme in D&D.  These guys could also serve double duty as Giant Flies for Rangers of Shadow Deep.

      More Below the Spoiler:
      Feel free to check out more of my demons and devils in my Blood War project HERE.

      If anyone has any leads on other interesting giant fly minis please share them, as I've been finding it difficult to find good models for RoSD.

      Also, how do you paint insect wings?  They're such a unique feature in the animal kingdom and I'd love to see how you go about it?
    • By vulture
      Continuing my posting spree. This beholder is the fist model I have printed and painted. I went for a very simple,  classic look, and I was really pleased with the bright purples. I have been enjoying MZ's catalog, but man, printing stuff is a lot of work.
      I really enjoy painting eyes, so this subject was a treat.The Spectator is now on my shortlist to paint thanks to the positive experience I had with the dodgeball of doom.
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Every fiendish army needs tiny minions to throw through the meat grinders.  Today I've got some assorted imps and quasits (the demonic counterpart to imps for you non-D&D folk).
      First up,
      The Quasits

      These fun little guys are the grunts of the demonic legions.  The front two are Quasits from the Nolzur's Unpainted set "Imps & Quasits" #WZK73719.  The back three are Reaper Bones Hordlings (77335).
      More Below the Spoiler:
      And up next,
      The Imps

      These three imps are all Nolzur's from "Imps & Quasits" #WZK73719 and "Familiars" #WZK72563
      More Below the Spoiler
      Was definitely going cross-eyed after painting these tiny guys.
      What's the smallest mini you've ever painted? (Feel free to share pictures)
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