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Tale spinner just because Genes a professional doesn't mean you need to play favorites. ;) of course his is even more awesome, he has had more practice at being awesome. ;)


Sorry, that wasn't supposed to come off that way. I just really liked the styling on Gene's. The others are great too. How deep can I dig this hole?

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Gonturzap will have his own bestiary by the time this thread is finished. DM Cujo should be very proud of his son. Even when I used to create maps like this myself, I might create one new monster, and occupy the other rooms with the usual suspects, Orcs and Ogres and their ilk. This young man created everything from scratch, and what he made is wonderful. Clearly it has inspired a whole group of artistic types. That's pretty amazing, and the drawings are fantastic.


This whole thread is awesome, and it's just devoted (mostly) to just one room.


What about the dreaded Tislop? Is that a bloodshot eye? Is a distant relative of the Cyclops? Is it another form of Beholder?


How about the Zomtom? I get a Native American feel from the drawing, like the legendary Thunderbird atop a totem pole.


Corgostise? Perhaps a Corgi-headed relative of the Kobold? Does it have a hard shell, like a Tortoise to protect it from harm? We know they are civilized, as room 24 shows us they mark and mourn their dead. So many questions remain.

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