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Alkemy: Suleman Ghulam

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One of my players is playing a Rakashan in my Savage Worlds game. They're basically a cat people race they tossed into the core rulebook so they wouldn't be stuck with just elves, dwarves, humans and half-orcs.


When I got a box for the Khaliman Republic faction in Alkemy, I had the perfect mini for his character. Meet Khaja.




The fur went from pure black to walnut brown to rainy gray. I think it helps break up the pure neutrals with a little warmth.




Basing was done with one of the Basius basing pads (Ruined Imperial Highway) with an etched brass vine added in from a GW basing kit.




You can see a bit of fingerprint there in the back. I should have let it cure completely before starting to mess with it, but hindsight is 20/20.




I painted most of the figure first, before attaching his sheathed dagger and tail. Otherwise, it would have been too much of a pain trying to get to the details under them.




Tried for a bit of a gem effect on the sword. Didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but it's still better than a pure blue would've looked. Something to improve on.

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Looks awesome! I would love to have more Rakshasa minis for my Eberron games (even if my players don't agree).

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Looks like a good job to me. It's a shame the Alkemy line died out, I'll have to a look out for them.

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