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77156: Owlbear - Secret Sophie Present

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Bones Owlbear Secret Sophie Present for Kay13


Special thanks to those who mentioned using straight pins to adjust drooping Bones minis, including MiniCannuck.


I shoved a pin up the Owlbear's single leg touching the ground to get it to stand upright.


Here are the photos:








And here's a closeup of the base:





*an owlbear - very cool - I don't know how you did the base, but wow. I love him.


First I cut off the front of the integral base and trimmed it to better sit in the round base. Then I smooshed some of the MagicSculpt that came with my Happy Seppuku stamps. Once I had that level with the remaining integral base of the owlbear, I removed the owlbear from the piece and stamped the base with the Happy Seppuku Bones stamp. I got the partial skeleton in there.


Then when the putty was cured I replaced the owlbear to the round base and covered the edges of the integral base with greenstuff and hid the edges with manual texturing using a toothpick mostly.


Once that was cured and I had finished the owlbear I painted the base as you see above as a kind of swampy, moss covered mess.


I'm glad Kay13 liked it and can't wait to do another Secret Sophie.


Give it a thumbs up on the Inspiration Gallery.

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All I can say is a very big thank you. He looks so cool. I'm looking forward to him menacing my adventurers.

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