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Maledrakhs Beauty Pageant contestant WIP

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This winters’ beauty pageant is this miniature, 77149 Damien, hellborn wizard.

I do not really know what a “Helborn” is, but I susrmise it is some sort of demonic or half demon character class or enemy types in the newfangled D&D and/ or Pathfinder role playing games. At any rate they are humanoid with horns and devil’s tails.


This mini had it’s arm straight out and fist with index and little fingers extended.

So of course I had to do a bit of the old cut and paste,rotating the hand 90 degrees at the wrist.

and also some boil and reposition of the arm to make it point upwards into the air…after first cutting and gluing the wrist. Rock concert movement #3: Metal horns!


I experienced absolutely no problems with the recently superglued wrist, being submersed in near-boling water for a minute before being thrust into cold water. So that is good to know next time I do things in the wrong order.


May I present:

Lücifuzz, lead singer of Hellbörn!


Here he is caught flashing a pose before he goes backstage where there are more groupies than his tongue can cope with!

I still need do something about the stick he is holding. I do not think I have anything suitable for a microphone stand, Maybe just a microphone, or a scepter like Alice Cooper used to faff about with on stage.


But is he the Alice Cooper type, or more of a hair metal-dude in tiger striped spandex and garish make up?


Or… rather a Black Metal -type called Evil Odin or some such, with corpse painted face and a massive bloody pentagram tattooed on his chest?


We shall see!


and yes I posted this in the contest thread first by mistake. Sorry. Please dont shoot me.

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Nicely done.


Btw ... anybody care to explain? I have two "wizard" minis from reaper (this one and the iconic Pathfinder wizard character), both have their index and ring fingers (or it might be the little finger, I need glasses ;) ) extended (like the devil's horns). I thought this was a reaper "joke", but last week I received an older mini from another company and guess what? Same fingers extended ;)


Is there more behind?

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Heavy Metal, baby. The "devil horns" are an ancient hand gesture used, usually as a benediction (a good thing), by various priests from various religions going back to antiquity. But in more recent centuries, in some Latin cultures (particularly Italians), came to be used as either a protection from evil (against the "evil eye"), or as a means to hex another (give the "evil eye"), depending on the region.


Most recently, for the past thirty years or so, it was used by Heavy Metal (music) artists and fans mainly as a gesture indicating that a thing "rocks" (is super-cool or in line with a hard rocking attitude), popularized mainly by Ronnie James Dio. Dio told a story in the press a few times about getting the gesture from his maternal Italian grandmother, who used it both to give and protect against hexes.


I would assume that the use of it in miniatures poses is a sort of ironic joke, meant to both indicate the casting of a spell (as in hexes or ancient benedictions) and its tongue-in-cheek relationship to Heavy Metal, in which many of its users pose dramatically.

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and now with a suitably spiky mike!


And it turns out that superglued joints between bones and polystyrene also withstand near-boiling water when repositioning after the fact. Yay!


as per the sign of the metal horns, that has been quite well answered already.

It can also be noted that the Disney witch Madame Mim (from the feature film "The Sword in the Stone" where she battles Merlin) also uses that gesture when zapping spells about. At least in the comics ...that are made in Italy. Does this mean eating pasta is Metal?

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Time flies by...its been over a month!




Chuggin’ along…even though it has been several weeks since last session, I should be able to reach the deadline by Valentines Day,


The Black Metal outfit I originally intended was, well, too Black. So I have used some colour with black washes to darken them, He is stil blackish, but not monochrome. Next up…spikes and metal plates!


I have also decided to make a custom base, using a base stamp for the first time. Therefore I have pinned him to an old paint pot for handling while painting. Also a first for me, but definately not the last! That made it so much easier to hold the mini. Too bad I just threw out a lot of such old pots.

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So here he is done:




a bit of a struggle at the end, it must be said. I tried some flame patterns, but no.


The base is the first time I tried stamping, using the stamp sampler I got from Happy Seppukus Kickstarter and some of the sticky grey sculpting clay they sent me with it.

It worked beautifully, leaving an imprint of a skeleton and some skulls plus broken ground. I probably used too much putty, as it overflowed the base a bit.

But I actually liked it.

When stamping the base, I also made a mark with the actual figure, leaving foot prints in the clay that helps to both position it when ready, and also eliminated the "floating on air" effect many figures get with premade bases.

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      I almost forgot to put my bad boys pageant entry on the show off forum.
      We decided that he was a very vain fellow (look at that cod-piece!), so the horns would be very white with arcane runes glowing on them. The idea for the staff was that it's glowing like Gandalf's staff when he was fighting in the Necromancer's citadel on his own. His fur is supposed be fox fur.

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      Next up is the tiefling warlock, 77149: Damien, Hellborn Wizard. I didn't have a scheme in mind for him, except for the red skin and I wanted to make give the jacket a denim look. Because the jacket was so large, I decided to do the inside a darker shade than the outside for some contrast.

      Even though there isn't a lot of high/low lighting on the jacket, I like how it looks. The hair turned out quite good, better than it appears in the pics.
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      I like the way the clothes turned out, but I definitely should have more contrast in the hair. It also could have been a little redder. The bases are all just black ink over a grey base for speed, but it nicely highlight's Sandra Garrity's signature on this guy.
      I still have to do an elven ranger and a human rogue. Hopefully I'll have them done for next week's game.
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      The base was intended to evoke a ship's deck, with, I think, some success.
      ps. I have been painting a bit more recently, but some of the figures I'm posting now have been close to done for quite a while. I finally decided to buckle down and do some basing so I could call them abandoned.
      Edit: Fixed some missed bits, reshot, and uploaded the new images.
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