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I kinda agree. TBH with all those big surfaces (the black in the Szalamandra) what I intend to do is just paint a general light situation with the airbrush, reinforce the shadows with a deep blue, and edge-highlight. I can probably do a convincing NMM effect on a small plate like those on the back (and I will certainly use that tool for small areas in the model), but when the upper leg is a ball the size of a large bean, I just don't feel it is versatile enough.


Metals for that model will be limited to the gatling cannons and the flamethrower "tip", that will get color washes of purple and orange and black to make it look like hot, wasted steel.

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Looking forward to your progress so I can steal it some day!


Well, you got it all wrong then  ::P:


We have Monday and Tuesday off this week, so I foresee some big painting on the Szally. I really want to get it done!


I'm also itching to get done with its base, and TBH with the nice 50mm bases out of Bones II, and because I don't really care about the 5mm less (and if somebody does, well, their problem) I have a nice set of big bases without havinig to cut good circles out of plasticard!


Then I have, on my queue:

- Revenred Custodier to use as a hacker,

- Sineater, Mk12

- Reaktion Zond (pending a nice base too, perhaps?)

- Tomcat Engineer


... and assemble these guys which I picked up because they look like a LOT of fun to paint:



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So, after the dip, the scrub, came the painting!


More specifically, the airbrushing  :blush:


Colors used: black, then 2:1 Black:Sombre Grey (VGA), then a bit of straight Sombre Grey. Sombre Grey is like an Ashen Blue, but darker. It is amazing however how light it looks against straight black!. I also used my Payne Grey wash to color the shadows, since I am going for a sci-fi blue-black color.


1 hr of work and I had this:







I also painted a remote that has been waiting for paint for far too long.


Then, I continued with the brush and I did a Giraldez-cheat: just edge-highlighted. I used Sombre Grey, and then added some Wolf Grey (VGA, something between Ashen Blue and Ghost White) to line some edges that were hotspots.


I need to tighten it, but it looks quite nice from afar:



(I messed up the left leg and will have to re-paint it).


Close ups are not that pretty, but as I said, I need to tighten them up, wash more black as a "midtone", etc.





I think it is a nice base for a black armor effect.

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@Willen This is off to a really good start.


So I haven't really been much in the painting mood the past month or so but I've finally got some shots.


First off the reaper Bones stuff. These are WIPs as I'm debating where to go next. Think I'm going to print up some decals for them.




Next up are the shipping containers from Systema Gaming. These are mostly 90% done as I have some areas I want to touch up and then seal them. I like the over all design but next time I order some I'm going to ask to have no company names etched in and just do decals as these took way to long to paint in.






Lastly are the Jersey Barriers from Secret weapon. These are just a few as I'm finishing them up as I'm waiting for other stuff to dry and such. At first I was really worried that the yellow and black hexes would be too much but once you weather a bit they really work and I'm happy I went with the effect. Adds something to an otherwise boring piece.



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Those pieces of scenery are awesome!


My only thought looking at the containers (especially the Bones one, and other than "I need a dozen"), is that the rust is in very odd places. I work by the large Buenos Aires docking area, see them around in track beds all the time, and they oxidize along seams and places where water would collect... the complete opposite of that face you are showing.




Decals sound like a great idea! Are you going to print those yourself? There was a great collection of Infinity symbols... if you don't find it I can look for it when I get back home.

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Update pics on the TAG.


I am not really satisfied with it, but oh well. I want to dive into freehanding because that is something I like, and TBH blending big surfaces is not something I enjoy  :down:










White marks on the arm is due to Matte Varnish going bad on me when I was trying to kill the shine on some areas... I could not find Brush On Sealer so had to go with the VMC Varnish  :down:


Also, closeup pics are my bane. It does not look so bad at arms length!

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