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Willen, The Freehand stuff looks awesome.


Ya man, that free had looks really good. this entire model looks nice! well done. Those Intense blue dry brushing on the cables on his arm are a nice touch.



Thanks guys!


I no longer drybrush, find it too difficult to control, too messy. I prefered to pick out every muscle fiber there. I was also one of those steps where you think "I am going to ruin it" and then you love it. This model has been like that from the beginning of the painting phase...

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I made a step-by-step of how I painted the above logo, which can be found following this post in G+:




Explanations inserted as description on each pic.


Hopefully those of you who want to do freehand but feel it out of our experience will realize how crappy it looks at the beginning, and how you need to stay with it and refine the whole thing  :;):


Edit: do you guys feel it would be worthy of replicating this post in a separate thread to show off the little tut?

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it would willen.   The pictures look good but some words explaining what you did in each step and why would help guide others.


They don't show up? Every pic has text and explanations. As G+ shows it, it is to the right of the screen (very similar to how Facebook shows images).

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I just looked at the landing page which shows only the pictures and no text.   Once you click on the first picture it exapnds and you see the associated text.  I am not a normal user of goggle + so missed this step.

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Actually, to me it looks like some small fins the aircraft have on the upper chord, that house antennas. It also makes sense that is houses an antenna, or that it is a heat exhaust. 




Problem is, antenna fins are painted of the same color of the aircraft


I might do it with the sand/ivory color of the other housings (arms, flamethrower) and add a little design in red to the trailing edge... mmm..

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