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If I was painting this guy how you were I'd look to airplanes for ideas on that fin as there's lots of ways those are painted up.


Finally back into painting some infinity. Working on the Kempetai that I started up months ago. This is my first time doing Zenthial lighting on a human figure (did a few non-humans over the past few weeks that were much larger animals) and so far I'm liking the technique. I didn't do this on the faces as I had already started them and had the eyes done too so I had covered them with poster tack when I re-primed.


The pants are a example as I think these look much better then what I had done with the Keisotsu earlier--though I also decided to go more green then black as it just looks better. Basically did several washes of a dark green black. Then glazed in some darker green then that (very near black) and glazed some highlights in. Outside of waiting for the washes to dry the pants were maybe 30 min between the two figures.


Next up is the armor and coat which I'm not sure how I'm doing to do as I want more white but can't really glaze that so I'm going to have to think on it and decide what to do tomorrow.



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Scale color black forest green+black for the base.  More black for the shade then black forest green+sand white (slight yellow white) for the highlight.  Then glazed the base over a few times to help the blends.


The idea for the green pants was from an alt paint scheme from the character mockups CB does.

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Battle damage done, I consider this mostly finished. 


Missing yet:

- Liquid slushing in the flamethrower containers (pending I see inclination in the final base).


Because of the pictures:

- Touching up metals in general,

- Adding more bright purple to the flamethrower end, I just didn't have it on hand and the mix was too dark apparently.


Not 100% happy with the weathering. But well, it is what it is, I need to call it done at some point.











I am quite happy on the new freehands, on the vertical fin (the "slit" on the top is just paint!) and the Nomads symbol on the left shoulder:



I wanted to do something more, and didn't have the keys to my mum's (where most of my stuff is), so I got started on the pilot, a Hasslefree mini. I did the face and eyes, trying hard to put my mind and effort into it, and am happy with the result:




She will get her own WIP thread.


C&C, of course, more than welcome.

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I found painting a bit almost every night made a huge difference.

I'm really pushing to get back to my normal schedule of 2 nights a week and one afternoon on the weekends. Not every night, but it's better than what I've been scraping by with.


Painting on a regular basis definitely helps with skill retention and improvement.  I need to make the time to have a daily paint session.


Since I got Giraldez' book, I think I'm going to try my hand at Joan of Arc.



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"Clean" Infinity is the standard, but the battle-damaged look works great as well.  The weathering on this guy (and my poor, non-weathered diorama) reminds me that I need to learn weathering.


Pff, I was going to act all like MS was right and I planned, when in reality I just tested a few bits of foam until one produced a pattern I like, and then sponged away at areas. You can see where I got carried away easily, where I messes up, and where I applied white/black highlight and shadows. 


The grey I used was a hit on the red, but not enough contrast on the black, so it looks more like faded paint (I liked it for the most part, so I left it there). For the whitish parts I had to use an off-white to pull it off. 


With some more planning I could make it look better. As it stands now, it is a happy coincidence  :devil:

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