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I will agree with the long lines of fire you have there.  Some are not a bad thing though it looks like your table has a lot.


@Willen  --  Imo the YAMS is a very good way to play a game without too much planning and mandatory table setups.  All the ITS, Dire Foes, Paradiso and even the missions from the book require a specific table setup in some way shape or form.

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From my reading of the different Infinity forums, such an open table looks like a Spanish setup  :;):


I liked what I saw out of YAMS. Perhaps I should print it out and try to convince my brother to give it a go. Even for someone not interested in it, he seems reluctant to let me paint his YuJing minis... so I bought the two old Hac Taos, plan to do a killer job on them (or as fine as I can) and try to lure him to try them on the table.


I might need to at least glue his minis together first and go for a graded primed effect so that at least they can be placed on the table...

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YAMS was a nice change of pace and I'm going to try it out again sometime, hopefully, in the next two weeks. We thought about printing out two copies of the deck, one for each person, but after playing it once I don't think that's a good idea.


So the Kempetai are done, outside of getting a dull coat, and I was going to start painting my Karakuri but they're missing some legs. So while I'm waiting for CB to send me replacements I have to figure out what to paint next.


Was thinking Domaru but I only have 3 (2x chain, 1x shotgun) so I'm debating if I should buy more. My other options are Haramaki or Ninja--neither of which I've used before in game. Both look very fiddly to put together but I think the Haramaki will be a quicker paint. Will need to sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

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I'm looking forwards to the mission cards that are coming out soon.


Announcement: http://infinitythegame.com/article.php?id=37


If I'm reading things correctly, that'll be used in ITS this year.

Yep, but they were recalled Monday do to really poor quality print and paper.


The Haramaki are cool figures but I hear the ninjas are useful again, right?

Ya, I like the concept of ninjas but I really don't care for the minis. I have most of them, but have been thinking of head swaps as that's what I dislike the most.

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Scale of Rocket Raccoon Ship:



base ship without bottom attachment (would need work to stay upright by itself. I have this propped)



bottom attachment reversed (so the bottom is on the top) This is a cool thing that could be used for something else)



Full ship put together



I think the ship without the bottom would work best as scenery since you can move underneath it and it's not just blocking movement but not Line of Sight.

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I think I like the ship without the bottom added as well.


Too bad about the cards being delayed but I do want a better product so not too upset about this really.


From what I can see of your haramaki they look good btw.

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Blerg. Got the Haramakis about 85% assembled. Have one more head, all the sheaths and all the Blitzen (shoulder mounted EMP rockets) to add on. Basically all the fidly stuff that needs careful pinning or will never stay on but is also small enough the drill bit can ruin it if you're not careful.

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Some more airbrushing on the gunship, mainly to tie it into the colors chosen by my wife for her Aleph:




I am thinking details next, some OSL, signs, etc.


But I was bored of the airbrush and wanted to do some minis; and since I am trying to convince my brother to give Infinity a shot, and I've been eyeing those Hac Taos...


20150531_195010.jpg 20150531_195020.jpg


I am loving the combo going there for the pseudo-tatami. Since this troop has TO Camo, I am painting them as phasing out of camo, with the lower legs still in camo'ed. I painted a white line in the division and some hexagons, the hexagons will be phased into the other colors, and the intermediate line a bright color, perhaps electric blue, like the interface between the camo field and the actual model... kinda like this:




What do you think?

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