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OK, so I already discussed how expression affects how a face is interpreted in my previous post, so I'll not repeat that here.  When I started this project, I hadn't done any faces at all for about 6 months.  One thingI learned is that the skill can and did go rusty.  It took me 5 tries to make a face I like for Mary and 2 tries for Elizabeth.  I'm going to do something here that I am a bit loathe to do and show you all of my failures along with the final results.


Note: For some reason my camera softened the details on most of these pictures.  I went and took an extra shot of each final one just now in my light booth, which helped.  Sometime GS just doesn't look good on camera.  Sorry.


Before sculpting the faces, I under-pinned them:







Face attempt 1 (Uggh!):





Face attempt 2: No photo (I was so frustrated at this point that I ripped it off without taking a picture)



Face attempt 3 (Tonight the part of Mary will be played by a man.):





Face attempt 4 (Closer, if Mary had been taking Prednisone and got all moon-faced):





Face attempt 5 (Yaay, I got it):


post-140-0-17251000-1393454277.jpg post-140-0-63667200-1393454277.jpg



The final face was successful for a few reasons.  First, I made the nose smaller and closer to the upper lip.  Second, I drastically cut back the jaw line.  Finally, I opened up and softened the brow ridge.





Face attempt 1 (Just a bit lopsided):





Face attempt 2 (Pretty good; I'm happy with this one and think it will go good once I add hair):


post-140-0-75410600-1393454274.jpg post-140-0-20158800-1393454275.jpg




Afterward, I cut off the bad heads, drilled out the body, and glued the good heads in place:


post-140-0-03948000-1393454284_thumb.jpg post-140-0-92954000-1393454284.jpg


post-140-0-71232200-1393454285_thumb.jpg post-140-0-48564700-1393454286.jpg



And that is that.  Joy, if you don't like these or want any adjustments, please let me know.






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Face Update:


I decided after looking at the pictures and then at the model that I didn't like Elizabeth's face.  Her cranium was too big and her left eye was off.  So I sculpted her another new head:





Much better.


Note, the face is very shiny because of the Vaseline.  It was still soft when i took the picture.  This is also obscuring some of the fine wrinkles by her eyes and mouth.



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Sorry it has been so long since the last update.  Evenings have been crazy, and I haven't had time for computer work in the evenings, but I did get a lot of sculpting done.  I should note that the pictures aren't great.  I just can't get the details to show crisply in my pictures when I take them on my sculpting bench, but I have no access to my photo studio where I sculpt, so I really cannot do WIP shots any better and still keep it up. I hope you enjoy them anyway.




I sculpt the necks and trapezeus muscles at the same time.  First, I start it with the basic shapes applied in two GS blobs one in front and one in back.


post-140-0-68299400-1394852501.jpg post-140-0-49934400-1394852502.jpg



Then, I work it, ensuring that I get the muscles right and smoothing it into the existing sculpture.


post-140-0-02636600-1394852503.jpg post-140-0-56354700-1394852503.jpg





Sorry, no pictures on the work on Elizabeth's neck



Arms and Hands:


Before working on the hands and arms, I remeasured them and reposed them.  I also flattened Mary's hands using a hammer on my anvil.





Next, I apply the putty to the arms in two chunks, a long tapered tube and the shoulder muscle. If I were doing a beefy model, I'd apply the muscles singly to show their forms, but women's arms are mostly just tubes with some muscle definition. I also added paddles out of Brown Stuff to her hands which I later filed down to the shape of the hands.  This is to give the hands support.  Mary's hands are difficult to sculpt because they are open and unsupported.  It is much easier to do a hand that is holding something or touching the body like Elizabeth's.  What follows is the photo progression as I worked on Mary's arms and hands.


post-140-0-54602100-1394852710.jpg post-140-0-34274700-1394852711.jpg


post-140-0-88274700-1394852711.jpg post-140-0-58380100-1394852712_thumb.jpg


post-140-0-23871100-1394852713.jpg post-140-0-91937600-1394852713.jpg



For Elizabeth, I just cut the hands off of her armature, then sculpted her arms and hands to her body.  I should note that for both women I sculpted the arms slightly too thin to compensate for the putty when I put their sleeves on.


post-140-0-85363700-1394852605.jpg post-140-0-41359700-1394852606.jpg


post-140-0-94884200-1394852606.jpg post-140-0-55061000-1394852607.jpg



You'll also note in the above photos that I under-pinned their skirts. In order to sculpt the fine details of the hands I needed to let them set up a bit, so I used the time to add the under-pinning.





Finally, I can start dressing them!  Joy and I worked out their wardrobe recently.  I am starting with their belt sashes.  Mary's is a plain strip of cloth and will be tied at her back.  Elizabeth's is more ornate as she is more wealthy, being the wife of a high priest. To hers, I added cording to the top and bottom and texture to the center.




post-140-0-68527600-1394852843.jpg post-140-0-33035400-1394852844.jpg



OK, that has me caught up to today.  Until next time,





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Well done :) I have two things to mention, first a bit of critique, and then major kudos. 

The critique: Elizabeths head. Although the facial details are well done, she also seems to have an evil grin. It would make a major difference if you worked more on the shapes underlying the brow. The way she looks now, she seems to make a broad V shape between her eyes, which, if she weren't smiling, would make her look angry. Now she looks malicious. Take a look at these two pictures for reference: This is kinda the way she looks now www-joker01-plain.jpg


And this is the way I suppose you want her brows to look:



See how the brows on the lower example are shaped almost inverse to the ones above? Probably a lot could be done simply by adding eyebrows with the appropriate shape to what  you already have.


And now to the kudos: The hand support! Brilliant! I've struggled immensely with sculpting hands that are open and unsupported, and the solution you show here could really help me a lot. Thanks a bunch for that!

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We'll get there.  Truth be told, I've been sculpting a lot this last week and haven't taken as many WIP pictures because I've been getting lost in the work.  I have Elizabeth's dress nearly complete now, just having the sleeves left to go.  I'll try to post some photos tonight.

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OK, here are a couple pictures of Elizabeth with her clothes on.  Obviously, I haven't done her right sleeve yet.  There will also be tassles at the ends of the sash and maybe at the lower hemline of her outer coat.  Once I have that done, I'll clothe Mary then give them both hair and head cloths.


post-140-0-67073000-1395715213.jpg post-140-0-27210400-1395715214.jpg



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