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Randomness Painting Contest: Songs!


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Aha! I'm all sorts of squeeful now because my subconscious poked me and requested that I listen to a particular song.


So I did.


And while I was listening, I instantly knew which mini would be perfect for it.


Happy! :bday:


And no, I'm not gonna share, it's a surprise! I will, however, share this JOKE ENTRY:


Song: Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones





Note: This is not the mini I will be using, nor is this the song I'll be using. This entry is intended for amusement purposes only ^_^



--OneBoot :D

bwaahahahahahahaa... that's outstanding!


@ Everybody: Feel free to openly brainstorm, make jokes, post music videos, etc. Keeping your contest entry concepts secret is wise, but don't let that stop you from rolling out other ideas just for conversation sake.

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I really wanted to use Nick Cave etc's "Red Right Hand" but none of the minis I have work. Someone else is welcome to the idea, though! Hmmnn... perhaps this is an excuse to paint Cthulhu and use some good old school Metallica...

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Hi folks! I am finally emerging from the shadows of lurking to actively participate.

Yay! This sounds like so much fun, and hopefully I can fulfill my resulotion to get something painted on time. I dont mind sharing which songs inspire me because it would be awesome to see how different people interpret the same song.


So, the two I am most excited about are Radioactive by Imagine Dragon and The Copper War by The Cog is Dead.

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